Busted Breast Implants With Dark Brown 'Icky Fluid' Shock 'Botched' Doctor

Dr. Dubrow found himself in a messy situation on Botched while operating on Melissa, a bodybuilder who wanted to fix her busted breast implants. An "icky fluid" sprayed out onto Dr. Dubrow as soon as he cut into Melissa's breast. Melissa had gotten breast implants after having kids because she had lost a lot of weight and was not happy with how her breasts looked. She described them as looking "deflated" and jokingly called them "milk udders." Although, Melissa knew something was wrong with her implants immediately after surgery. Her doctor told her not to worry and to massage them more. Unfortunately, they never got better and Melissa was stuck with two drastically different sized breasts. What Dr. Dubrow found inside Melissa's breast was pretty rare. He said, "I've probably done over 10,000 cases of breast surgery. I've never seen that before." Although, he had a pretty good guess at what happened. Dr. Dubrow said, "The fact that there's this dark brown, granular fluid indicates it could be old blood that's mixed with the saline that's in the lower portion of the bag. It's really strange." The surgery was a success. Melissa got a good look at her new breasts when she came in for her check up, and she was very happy. Even though she was a little disgusted when Dr. Dubrow described the fluid he found by saying, "It looked like diarrhea," ultimately, Melissa was good with the results.