Busta Rhymes Gets A Little Too Freaky Onstage During 50 Cent Show

Busta Rhymes’ legendary catalog includes sexual records that people love and excitedly rap when they hear them. The 51-year-old may have gotten a bit too immersed in the content of said records this weekend during 50 Cent’s The Final Lap Tour.

The G-Unit leader’s tour, which Busta has been a supporting act for since it began in July, made a stop in St. Paul, Minn. on Friday (Sept. 15). At one point during his performance, the “Touch It” rapper placed his microphone near his genitals as if it was his erect penis while sporting a sly smirk.

He then pointed at a fan and began to rap his hit “I Know What You Want” to the crowd, saying “Baby if you give it to me” while caressing the microphone with his tongue out. “We f**king tonight,” he said to the fan after pointing at them again. “I see your love for me, baby.” Check out the moment below.

Busta Rhymes didn’t just throw off people in attendance, but also internet users who saw the footage. “Who got one of them little mind deleters from Men in Black,” one person wrote on Instagram. “I need these visuals deleted from my mind ASAP.”

“Busta Rhymes turnt into Busta Nut that night!” another user joked. One user viewed the situation seriously and brought up his veteran status. “Busta Rhymes, you are better than this King. You’re 51. You should be schooling the younger generation, not doing this.” Another person agreed, speculating on what would happen if Jay-Z, Nas, or Snoop Dogg acted in this way.

Despite the backlash, the Halloween Resurrection actor did have some defenders. “Ion see why y’all bothered,” one person wrote. “This is a classic old head. We black people know how our Unc’s get. Let’s be fr. This isn’t new.”

Busta Rhymes’ onstage antics may not be getting much love, but he is part of an album that is. Diddy released his new project The Love Album: Off The Grid this past Friday. Busta appears on “Deliver Me” alongside a reunited Dirty Money, Dawn Richard and Kalenna. The album also features The Weeknd, Justin Bieber, Mary J. Blige, Babyface, Summer Walker, and more. Listen to The Love Album above.

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