Business Owner Says His Wife Has Given Over Half A Million Dollars To Covid-19 Grant Scammers

When Mark and his wife, Lori’s, bowling alley closed temporarily during COVID-19 restrictions, Lori says she received a phone call from someone calling themselves “Ashley,” who claimed to be with the federal government, and told Lori that she was eligible for $50,000 dollars in grant monies. But there was a catch. Lori says “Ashley” told her she needed to send thousands of dollars in gift cards before she could receive the grant. Mark says Lori has wired money and sent gift cards to “Ashley,” a man calling himself “Melvin,” and several others, in the amount of $530,000. And worse – he claims she’s maxed out lines of credit for their home and business and used personal savings to send the scammers money behind his back. “She’s given ‘Melvin’ personal information – where we live, bank account information, log-in information – social security number,” says Mark, who is sure it’s all a scam. “I think it’s insane that she believes this.” Watch the video above to hear what Mark says he’s had to do to stop Lori from having contact with the scammers and protect them from losing any more money. And later, what does Mark say he believes is making his wife vulnerable to those who are convincing her to give them money? This episode of Dr. Phil, “From Bowling Alley Owner to Being Scammed Out of $530,000,” airs Friday. Check your local listing to find out where to watch. TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Want Dr. Phil to investigate a situation or possible scam?