Burger King is giving away 'free' potatoes in France – here's why

Burger King France is earning plenty of praise with a new, unconventional promotion. The giveaway, which started on Feb. 2, involves tossing a free two-pound bag of potatoes into every drive-thru order. It’s a move that sparked plenty of questions among fast food fans. That said, there’s actually a serious explanation behind the stunt. According to Ad Age, the move was designed to help France’s potato farmers, many of whom have suffered amid the pandemic. As restaurants have been forced to close, the demand for many potato-based products has dropped. So, Burger King tried its best to lend a hand. The chain says it’s purchased 200 tons of extra spuds – all of which will be given out to willing customers. Overall, Burger King’s move was met with support from fast food lovers — both in France and elsewhere. Many tweeted praise to the chain. “Your heart is as big as your food is bad for our health. And in both cases we want more,” one Twitter user wrote