Buddy Van Horn, Director of Any Which Way You Can and The Dead Pool , Dead at 92


Director and veteran stunt double Wayne "Buddy" Van Horn had died at the age of 92.

Van Horn died on May 11, according to an obituary notice in the Los Angeles Times.

He started working with Clint Eastwood as his stunt double in 1967, and worked with the actor-director and his team at his production company Malpaso as a stunt coordinator on more than 30 films over 44 years, including films like High Plains Drifter (1973) and In the Line of Fire (1993).

In 2011, Van Horn spoke about his time as a stuntman and working with Eastwood, saying, "He's a pretty physical guy and likes to do his own stunts. Some of the things he does were pretty easy to get banged up."

"I've tried to talk him out of it sometimes, but not very successfully most of the time," Van Horn added. "He went and did 'em anyway, several of 'em. He's been banged up a few times."

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M. McKeown/Express/Hulton Archive/Getty

The veteran stuntman also directed three films starring Eastwood during his career: Any Which Way You Can (1980) which served as the sequel to James Fargo's Every Which Way but Loose, the last film in the Dirty Harry series titled The Dead Pool (1988) and Pink Cadillac (1989).

The Dead Pool also starred Liam Neeson, Patricia Clarkson and Jim Carrey.

According to the obituary, Van Horn was "born on the back lot of Universal Studios in Universal City, California," where his father worked as a veterinarian for the studio's horses and large animals.

One of the highlights of Van Horn's early career was his role as Guy William's stunt double in the 1957 Walt Disney live-action series Zorro. Van Horn was able to use his fencing and equestrian skills during all 39 episodes of the show, his obituary reads.