Buddy Valastro Says Daughter Sofia’s Boyfriend Is a ‘Good Kid’ But 'We Scare Him a Little Bit' (Exclusive)

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The 'Cake Dynasty' star opened up to PEOPLE about getting to know his daughter Sofia's boyfriend, Anthony

<p>Denise Truscello/Getty </p> Buddy Valastro and his daughter Sofia

Denise Truscello/Getty

Buddy Valastro and his daughter Sofia

Buddy Valastro is one protective dad.

The chef, who has two new shows premiering on A&E this November, spoke with PEOPLE about getting to know his 20-year-old daughter Sofia’s boyfriend, Anthony. (Valastro and his wife Lisa also share kids Buddy Jr., 19, Marco, 16, and Carlo, 12.)

“Honestly, he's a good kid. They've been dating for almost three years now. So we had a little fun with him, we still do,” he says.

He adds: “We fool around with each other, me and my kids. We bust each other's chops. We play pranks on each other, it is just really who we are. So being able to toy with [Anthony] and have Uncle Danny and Uncle Mauro scare him a little bit, that's always fun.”

All kidding aside, the New Jersey native is bursting with pride for his daughter.

<p>Sofia Valastro/Instagram</p> Buddy Valastro's daughter Sofia and her boyfriend, Anthony

Sofia Valastro/Instagram

Buddy Valastro's daughter Sofia and her boyfriend, Anthony

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“She's actually gotten to be a really good cook. She didn't really cook — my boys always loved to cook, but now she's into it and she cooks for her boyfriend every night,” says Valastro.

The Valastro family’s tricks are on full display in A&E’s new show, Buddy Valastro’s Cake Dynasty.

Cake Dynasty is where my life is now, it's 14,15 years later. My kids were babies at the time. Now they're all older and starting to come into the family business,” he tells PEOPLE of the new series.

He adds: “So there's the succession part of the business…we don't just make cakes, we have 14 bakeries and seven or eight restaurants and food concepts, 75 vending machines…So it's less about making one giant cake, it's more about how do you make 18 cakes a minute and stuff like that.”

<p>Jonah Rosenberg</p> Buddy Valastro on his new A&E show, 'Buddy Valastro's Cake Dynasty'

Jonah Rosenberg

Buddy Valastro on his new A&E show, 'Buddy Valastro's Cake Dynasty'

With that expansion comes added pressure – including some healthy cursing.

“It's definitely a more grownup version. We're a little bit more real and raw. So sometimes there's a couple of F bombs here and there,” he says with a laugh.

Valastro spoke with PEOPLE in June 2022 about how his kids, especially Sofia, who attends the University of Delaware, want to eventually join the family business full-time.

"And I want them to. I really am excited to see the next generation take over," he said. "But I never want to force them. I want them to do it because they love it."

<p>Vincent Tullo/A&E</p> Buddy Valastro and his family

Vincent Tullo/A&E

Buddy Valastro and his family

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Valastro said his kids are coming to an age when they can "actually have these conversations." When Valastro recently asked Sofia what she wants to do after college, she said, "I want to work with you. I want to be involved in the family businesses," he recalled.

Naturally, Sofia chose to study business and hospitality to seamlessly transition back to the Valastro business empire post-graduation.

<p>Kenyon Anderson and Evan Jenkins/A&E</p> Buddy Valastro on his new A&E show, 'Legends of the Fork'

Kenyon Anderson and Evan Jenkins/A&E

Buddy Valastro on his new A&E show, 'Legends of the Fork'

Each of his kids have a different strength that they bring to the table. "Buddy's the most determined — will never give up. And Marco's definitely got the gift of gab. He's the mayor," he said of his sons.

When it comes to creativity, Valastro said Sofia definitely takes the cake in the decorating department.

The budding baker started helping out with decorating cookies during Valentine's Day when she was on a college break. "She had to make 10,000 cookies. So it's like when you are there with the team and you make 10,000, that's how you get good," said Valastro.

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