‘Buckle up.’ Surprises inside this Texas house for sale will leave you dumbstruck

Steve Chenn

It’s massive. It’s eccentric. It’s everything you’d ever assume a French mansion would be as it charms with its gaudy elegance.

Only it’s in the Lone Star State.

“The height of luxury and palatial opulence await you in this exclusive estate on well-known Carnarvon Drive,” the listing on Douglas Elliman says. “Discover a grandeur and ambiance unlike any other. Interior design, contributed by renowned David Easton, is a modern neoclassical property with impressionistic French design that would evoke classic, timeless elegance for all who visit.”

The eight-bedroom, 12-bathroom estate is listed for $36 million in Houston, and while the exterior has a sophisticated design that catches the eye, the inside is an entire different world of “wow” with its cathedral-like ceilings, marble floors suited for Marie Antoinette — or a Texas oil baron with money to burn.

Features in and around the home’s 26,401 square feet include:

  • “Pillared grand archway”

  • Columns

  • “Ballroom-like halls”

  • Terrace

  • Spa bathroom

  • Guest apartments

  • “Parisian styled pool”

The photos paint a vivid picture of royalty with ethereal rooms, almost all fitted with chandeliers, one more dramatic than the next.

The mansion made an appearance on Friday Night Zillow, a Twitter segment run by Bloomberg reporter Steven Dennis that highlights unique houses for sale.

Have you ever wanted to live in Versailles but in, like, Houston? Well, have I got the mansion for you! Buckle up! 8BR, 12BA & and an exhausting 26K sf. for an eye-watering $36M,” Dennis started his Twitter thread with as he posted photos of different rooms.

This is in somebody’s *house.* Like, people live here. Looks more like a national museum,” he said.

You’d get your 10,000 steps per day in, easy peasy,” someone joked.

This is the closest I’ve seen to America getting old Europe right. It’s pretty amazing,” another noted.

The listing is held by Gigi Huang and Konrad Adam Molski.

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