The Bubble Over My Head: 3 Tips To Change Undesirable Behavior

Dr. Phil says that sometimes, you have to behave your way to success – and that’s especially true if you find yourself engaging in negative behavior. TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Need Dr. Phil to get real with someone? “If you program your environment that doesn’t allow you or support you doing what you don’t want to do, you’ve taken a giant step toward getting rid of that behavior,” Dr. Phil says in The Bubble Over My Head video above. “It’s not about willpower, it’s about programming.” WATCH: ‘This Isn’t Just Something That Willpower Will Take Care Of,’ Dr. Phil Tells Woman With Gambling Problem Watch the video to hear Dr. Phil’s two other tips for how you can change undesirable behavior – including how you can fill a void in your life by helping others. On Monday’s episode, Dr. Phil speaks with Shari, who admits she has a “terrible, terrible gambling addiction,” and doesn’t know how to stop. Check here to see where you can watch. TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Life in crisis?