Bubba Wallace defends NASCAR fans against 'narrative' that they are all racist

NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace appeared on Desus & Mero Thursday night, where host Desus Nice brought up how many people automatically think of the Confederate flag when they think of NASCAR. However, Wallace was quick to point out that the stereotype about the fans of the sport is false.

"We always want to pay attention to the negative, but the narrative that's been out there now is saying all NASCAR fans are racist, and whatnot, and that's totally not true," said Wallace. He added, "I've gone down in the fans, in the infield at Talladega, wherever it's at, Daytona, Texas, Michigan, and I never knew if people were flying the Confederate flag. We would go there and drink beer, have a good time and hang out. It wasn't like they don't want you there."

Wallace also explained that when he suggested that NASCAR ban Confederate flags, which offended many people, he did so in order to attract more fans and to change up the face of the sport to allow it to be more diverse.

Finally, Wallace stated, "Why aren't there more sponsors? Maybe because the Confederate flag. Let's just get rid of it at NASCAR races. I'm not saying you have to get rid of it in your daily life. You know what I'm saying? You can wear that proudly at home, but when you come to a NASCAR race, let's show that we're all welcoming. You may not carry any hate in your heart, and that's totally fine. I know not every person is bad, not every NASCAR fan is bad, but we have to show that, hey, we want other people to be a part of our sport as well."

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