BTS Shares #MyBTStory Tribute Video Dedicated to ARMY: ‘Our Every Moment Was Also a Moment Together With You’

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Happy 9th birthday, ARMY! To celebrate the milestone, BTS released their “Yet to Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)” tribute video on Tuesday (July 12) featuring fan clips from their #MyBTStory YouTube campaign.

“Many moments were spent together. These were times when my story became your story,” says RM to introduce the video before the boy band’s latest single starts playing.

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As a montage of clips submitted by ARMY of various concerts, performances, and other moments from the past near-decade play over the song, Jimin adds, “I am so glad we have the opportunity to reflect on our memories like this. Precious moments unfolded before my eyes, reminding me vividly of the emotions and memories of that time, and left me with a crushing feeling.”

Throughout the clip, the rest of the bandmates also take turns reminiscing about their relationship with ARMY over the years. “As I looked through your #MyBTStory one by one, whether near or far I felt we were tightly connected through song and dance,” remarks Suga, while J-Hope promises, “From the clumsy appearance to the extravagant stage, our every moment was also a moment together with you.”

And while the Bangtan Boys’ musical output as a group may be on pause for the moment, J-Hope is readying the release of his debut solo album Jack in the Box, which is due out Friday (July 15) via Big Hit Music. The 10-track album was preceded by lead single “MORE,” and will also contain tracks “Pandora’s Box,” “STOP,” “= (Equal Sign)” and “Arson.”

Watch BTS’ ARMY tribute video below.

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