BTS Reflects on Using ‘Our Voice’ to Speak Out on Hate With Vice President Kamala Harris: Watch

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BTS‘ visit to the White House is the gift that keeps on giving. The K-pop group visited Washington, D.C., on May 31 to meet with President Biden in honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month and to talk about the recent uptick in Asian hate crimes. During the visit, the septet also met with Vice President Kamala Harris and talked about how they want to use their influence for the greater good, as seen in a new video shared by Biden on Saturday (June 4).

After exchanging greetings, Harris sat down with the guys and said, “When we see hate and prejudice — it’s meant to make people afraid, and it’s meant to make people feel alone, and therefore without power. When you all speak about it, you speak to people in a way that reminds them they’re not alone.”

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Speaking for the group, RM replied, “We just want to give back all the love that we got, and use our voice like you told us. That’s all we want. So today is a really, really historical and big day for us.”

“We feel happy to make a positive impact and we feel a great responsibility at the same time,” he also added in another clip.

The video also shared more scenes from BTS’ White House visit, including Biden’s sit-down with the septet, during which he explained that the K-pop group’s fame places them in a great position to make lasting changes. The president said, “I got involved in public life because of civil rights. Even back then, famous artists helped move people. What you’re doing makes a big difference, talking about how we have to eliminate hate is important.”

“When we first heard that the White House, President Biden had invited us because of Stop Asian Hate and the anti-Asian hate crimes, we was like, ‘This is it. Why not? We have to go. We have to go to D.C,'” RM recalled. “And thank you for recognizing all the efforts and we truly feel that our time truly pays off and pays back.”

“It was great to meet with you this week at the White House, @bts_bighit,” Biden tweeted with the video of the visit. “The rise in anti-Asian hate crimes requires all of us to stand up, speak out, and give hate no safe harbor. Thanks for all you’re doing. It matters.”

Watch the new footage from BTS’ White House visit below.

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