BTS’ Jin Shares Message With Army Amid Military Enlistment: ‘I’ll Be Back Soon’

Jin - Credit: BANGTANTV/YouTube
Jin - Credit: BANGTANTV/YouTube

BTSJin began his mandatory military service in the South Korean army last month, but before he departed for basic training, he filmed a video message for Army — the ones that make up the super-dedicated and supportive BTS fanbase that is.

“Hello everyone, this is Jin of BTS. I won’t be a civilian by the time the video is out. But I am here in front of the camera, because I wanted to leave you something, even if it is just leaving a message,” he said, as Billboard notes.

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The clip was filmed in between shooting for an episode of the SBS-produced South Korean variety show Running Man, where he appeared in November.

“Whenever I am available I wish to leave these videos and records once every few months to share with you as much as possible, even if it’s just checking in briefly,” he added. “I may not be by your side at this very moment, but I’ll go looking for you soon, so if you just wait a little bit. I’ll be back soon. That’s all for today. Next time when I have the chance, I’ll be back with another video.”

In South Korea, it is standard for men to begin an 18-month minimum military term by their 18th birthday, but they may postpone until age 28. The Korean National Assembly passed a motion that granted BTS members the option to postpone their enlistment until age 30. Jin, who began serving on Dec. 13, is the first BTS member to enlist, with the other members to follow suit.

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