Bryan Danielson Talks Potentially Becoming More Of A Leader With AEW Creative

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Bryan Danielson discusses potentially taking on a more meaningful role in AEW.

Tony Khan previously named Danielson as the person he would trust to run a show if he was hit by a bus.

During the AEW All Out post-show media scrum, the quote came up. Danielson was asked whether he would be interested in becoming more of a leader in creative.

“Yeah, so it’s hard because I love that aspect of it so much,” Bryan Danielson said. “But I also love being with my family. Going to shows takes you away from your family. My daughter, she says to me things like this. ‘Daddy, you’re gonna be done wrestling when I turn seven, right? You’re gonna be home every day when I turn seven.’ That’s really hard to turn down.

“I have been very fortunate to have this thing that I love, that I do, a huge part of my life for 23-plus years. But at one point it was, it felt like if not the most important thing, one of the most important things. But then new things become important things.”

Bryan Danielson Comments On Balancing Work And Family

Danielson continued by stating that he has a lot of thinking to do. He described how isn’t sure how he could balance his family life with the responsibilities that come with running a company.

“Seeing my kids do the things that they love to do and being there for them, and also being there for my wife because if any of you are parents, or single parents, single-parenting, regardless of what you do,” Bryan Danielson said. “All of that to say, I’ve got a lot of thinking to do. That’s not a no. It’s a ‘how do I make this work while still keeping the meaningful things in my life, the things that I find to be important, putting them as a top priority?’

“If you can figure that out, if you can figure out this jigsaw puzzle or whatever it is of how to balance running a wrestling company with two kids and being able to go to their soccer games, or going to my daughter’s dance recitals or any of that kind of stuff. Those are puzzles to figure out. Or sometimes, the pieces don’t fit. Then it’s, ‘I’ve had a good run, and it might be time to move on.’”

Tony Khan: Hiring Jimmy Jacobs Was Bryan Danielson’s Idea

Khan then noted that he enjoys working with Danielson. “The American Dragon” stated that he would probably help AEW any time they needed him. The AEW CEO subsequently described how the veteran came up with the idea to hire Jimmy Jacobs.

“I think my travel schedule and the work schedule I keep up with is so ridiculous that for a few weeks, Bryan flew with me, and I think that was ill-fated,” Tony Khan said. “He couldn’t keep up with the ridiculous pace that is me. He made a really good recommendation for me to get a production…I don’t know what the best word to use is, but somebody to help me as a coordinator, to travel with me, help me keep myself organized, like an organizer to work with me.

“Because I do so much, and I do so much stuff. Somebody who comes up with really good ideas, somebody who’s also selfless and has the same spirit, and that was Jimmy Jacobs. Jimmy came in, it was Bryan’s idea. Jimmy flies everywhere with me, everywhere I go.”

Khan stated that hiring Jacobs was a great idea, as they go everywhere together. He also noted that the move probably helped Danielson get his work-life balance back on track.

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