Brutal injury requires Coast Guard medevac on 'Deadliest Catch' season finale

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On the Deadliest Catch season finale Tuesday, the Coast Guard was called in to medevac an injured crew member from the crabbing vessel Kari Marie. It was a harrowing rescue because the Bering Sea weather consisted of 25-knot winds and 10-foot seas.

The unnamed deckhand recounted what led to his injury, saying, “We were dumping the pot and I’m in there picking crab out he went too far up and the dogs weren’t locked on and the pot flipped over. I tried running away and that’s how my leg is, like, bent.”

The deckhand's leg was crushed by a 1,000-pound steel pot. The result of the injury was a gruesome spiral fracture of deckhand’s fibula and tibia.

To make the injury even more heartbreaking, the deckhand revealed, “We had ten pots left, it was the end of the season. I was almost done.”

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