Brussels Griffon Whose Bark Sounds Like a Chicken Totally Wins the Internet

We dare you to try and resist this pup.

Some folks don't understand it until they've owned a dog themselves, but these four-legged friends of ours are all one-of-a-kind. No two dogs have a personality that's quite the same, and pretty much every pup has a unique feature or two that makes them stand out. Much to no one's surprise, Waffles the Brussels Griffon is no exception to this rule!

For this self-proclaimed "bearded lady," her bark is bigger than her bite...though not by much. One of her TikTok videos makes us wonder whether 'bark' is even the right word for her chicken-like sounds, though there's no denying that they're adorable either way.

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We. Just. Love. Her! Lil' Waffles is so cute all drenched from her dip in the lake, but truly nothing could top those little clucks. Or are they barks? We really can't decide, and it's looking like the comment section is equally as divided.

"Lake chickens are SUPER rare," wrote @mrs.sellner. LOL! We can't say we've seen one before, but we still can't tell whether Waffles is more dog, chicken, or Dr. Seuss. We seriously laughed at @faeriefoxly's quip, "The Lorax is super p!ssed about something 😳😂," and now we can't stop seeing the resemblance. 

Believe it or not, though, there are even more interpretations of the mysterious lake chicken! While @demytrius said, "It’s like gargling pebbles," @reapercussions13 asked, "Why is your dog the uncle from Duck Dynasty?" LMAO! We're still recovering from that hilarious comment, but @ismashdwarfs left us with one more that had us nearly crying from the laughter.

"YOUR NOT SUPOOSED TO FEED THEM AFTER MIDNIGHT!!!" they joked. Ha! Waffles might look a bit gremlin-esque, but her barks (or should we say 'bok-boks'?) will always be the star of the show.

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