Bruce Springsteen Through the Decades: See Never-Before-Published Photos by Janet Macoska

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When rock photographer Janet Macoska began working on her new photo book, Bruce Springsteen: Live in the Heartland, during the pandemic, she came across images of The Boss she'd never seen before. "I did a deep dive into my negatives and found images that I had never printed—that I probably never even looked at," says Macoska, whose work has been featured in publications like Rolling Stone and the New York Times. "Because the way we worked back in the day, I was shooting shows every night." Even more surprising? Macoska realized that Bruce Springsteen was the first rock star she ever photographed. That night at the Allen Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio in 1974, Macoska was on assignment for her college newspaper and Springsteen, then 24 years old, wasn't even the headliner. "This little straggly guy comes along, Bruce Springsteen, who was a bundle of energy and really charismatic," says Macoska, who would go on to capture the rocker on stage in the decades after. (She's shared some never-before-published photos featured in her photo book with PEOPLE, as well as some iconic shots.) "I have 12 pictures on the roll," she continues, "but I used six or seven of them on Bruce, and the rest on the headliner, because I had to."