Brother Competes on 'Ninja Warrior' for Sister with Muscular Dystrophy

American Ninja Warrior had an emotional moment on Wednesday as Spencer Wyckoff ran the course in support of his sister, Carden, who suffers from muscular dystrophy. Muscular dystrophy is a disease that breaks down muscles over time. Carden Wyckoff shared her struggle living with the disease, "I'm in constant pain. It makes everyday tasks difficult and challenging, such as walking or getting up and down out of a chair, or even bringing a glass to your mouth to drink out of a cup of water." Carden dreamed of completing an obstacle course so her brother stepped in and carried her on his back. The two finished their first course together. Spencer decided to bring his obstacle course running skills to American Ninja Warrior to bring attention to FSHD, the type of muscular dystrophy Carden was diagnosed with. He ran the course, cheered on by his sister and his entire family. Despite not finishing, Spencer still accomplished his goals of making his sister proud and raising awareness for muscular dystrophy.