Brooklyn Beckham Claps Back at Criticism for Cooking Pasta Sauce With a Wine Cork in the Pot: It Makes a ‘Tender Dish’

Brooklyn Beckham Claps Back at Criticism for Cooking Pasta Sauce With a Wine Cork in the Pot: It Makes a 'Tender Dish'
Brooklyn Beckham. Courtesy of Brooklyn Beckham/Instagram
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Secret ingredient? Brooklyn Beckham clapped back at haters trolling him for making pasta sauce with a wine cork in the pot.

“Daddy day care ❤️,” Beckham, 24, wrote via Instagram late last month alongside two photos of him cooking a Bolognese sauce while carrying his dog in a sling across his chest.

The aspiring chef quickly came under fire when eagle-eyed fans notice that there was a wine cork sitting in the pot on the stove.

“When someone told you to ‘put a cork in it Brooklyn.’ They meant … stop talking 😆,” one Instagram user commented.

A second fan joked, "Is the cork added flavour?🤣,” which a third quipped, “Only here for the comments pointing out the cork 😭🤣.”

The What I See author pointed out via his Instagram Story at the time that using a cork is a technique that many chefs use in their dishes.

"More research ensued and we found that the addition of wine corks added to the cooking liquid ensured a more tender dish," the quote written by former food columnist Doris Reynolds for a February 2016 article in the Naples Daily News read.

Italian chef Barbara Pollastrini, however, told Insider on Thursday, March 30, that the cork technique is about meat tenderizing and not something used in pasta sauces.

"The problem is that people trust this food influencer and are without any knowledge," she said. "The only way to have a fantastic ragù is to cook it for at least three hours. This is the only way to have soft meat."

The cork debate isn’t the first time Beckham has raised eyebrows with his recipes on social media. In January, the model received backlash after he shared a video making a creamy truffle tagliatelle pasta.

“In my kitchen, no such thing as too much truffle,” David and Victoria Beckham’s eldest son captioned the clip, which showed him adding truffle to the dish and extra black truffle shavings as garnish.

Brooklyn was slammed in the comments section, with one user claiming he was “out of touch” for using such an “expensive” ingredient when the cost of living is so high.

“These people live in a different world most people can barely afford to eat at the moment and this kid is waffling on about truffle,” a second comment read.

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Some of the U.K. native’s fans came to his aid, with one user, writing: “Some comments are out of this world. I cannot afford truffle either but still I enjoyed the video and really don’t care who and how he bought it. What about unfollowing him instead of writing mean comments.”