Who Are Brock Lesnar’s Kids?

Brock Lesnar
Photo Credit: WWE.com
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Brock Lesnar is one of the most skilled athletes in professional wrestling and mixed martial arts. Currently aged 46, he has performed in promotions such as WWE, UFC, NJPW, and more. Furthermore, he has won several championships like the UFC Heavyweight Championship, IWGP Heavyweight Championship, WWE Championship, and WWE Universal Championship.

Interestingly, Lesnar chooses to remain private when it comes to his personal life. He hardly has any social media presence. However, he has reportedly been married to retired American pro wrestler Sable since 2006. They have five children – Mya Lynn, Luke, Turk, Duke, and Mariah.

According to The Sportster, twins Mya Lynn’s and Luke’s mother is Lesnar’s ex-fiance, Nicole McClain. With Sable, he had his sons Turk and Duke, who were born in 2009 and 2010 respectively. Before marrying Lesnar, Sable was married to Wayne W. Richardson from 1987 until he died in 1991. Together, they had a daughter, Mariah, whose stepfather is currently Lesnar. Even though the former WWE Championship is one of the most dominant and feared wrestlers, his approach toward parenthood is rather delicate and supportive.

In 2020, WWE released a documentary series titled WWE Ruthless Aggression, which has two seasons. The fourth episode of the first season is titled “The Next Big Thing,” and it showcases Brock Lesnar’s rise to stardom and his dominance in WWE during the legendary Ruthless Aggression Era (2002 to 2008).

Per IMDb, its synopsis reads, “Seeking ‘The Next Big Thing,’ WWE finds Brock Lesnar. He becomes an in-ring monster – and a master of Ruthless Aggression behind the scenes. Relive Lesnar’s rise to the top, rivalries with The Rock and Hulk Hogan, and his decision to depart WWE for eight years.”

What do Brock Lesnar’s kids do?

Just like Lesnar, his children are talented athletes. Per The Sportster, Mya Lynn, who is currently 21 years old, is the sixth-best short putter in the United States. In 2023, she set a school record with an impressive 18.50 meters. Furthermore, she is a proficient volleyball player and recipient of the Minnesota State championship. Recently, she completed her studies at Arizona State University and is associated with the Arizona Sun Devils track and field team.

Mya Lynn’s twin brother, Luke, is an emerging ice hockey athlete. He is a three-time Minnesota state champion and wants to play the sport professionally. Furthermore, Lesnar’s younger sons, Turk and Duke, who are 14 and 13 respectively are also passionate about ice hockey. They have also made substantial progress in the minor leagues and, hopefully, will continue the Lesnar family’s stellar athletic legacy.

In a 2022 interview with Newsday, Brock Lesnar candidly spoke about his fatherhood. He stated that he always advised his children to feel and act in sports like homeless people. He wanted his children to be humble and hard-working and taught them to earn their success and be hustlers throughout their lives.

Lesnar said, “It’s funny how people that come from nothing end up with some success. That’s what I mean. That’s why I tell my kids all the time, ‘I want you to feel like you’re homeless. Fight like you’re homeless. Play hockey like you’re homeless.’ Because that’s the person you have to be to fight for things in your life. You have to just be a go-getter. Things aren’t just going to be given to you.”

In a conversation with Daniel Cormier on ESPN MMA, the 46-year-old revealed that even though he tried to introduce his sons to wrestling, he realized that Turk and Duke preferred ice hockey. He stated, “I tried to take them to wrestling and it just wasn’t their thing. They were like five and six, and I brought these little singlets out. They were like, ‘What is that? Slingshots?’ They’re hockey players.”

Moreover, Lesnar said that he was glad that his boys preferred a different sport because he simply didn’t want to spend two more decades in a wrestling room. He said, “Honestly, for me, it’s great because I don’t think I could have spent another 20 years in a wrestling room. Now I’m in ice rinks. It’s different and fun, but I’m enjoying it.”

Who is Brock Lesnar’s wife Sable?

Brock Lesnar’s wife, Rena Marlette, aka Sable, is a former WWF Women’s Champion. According to People Magazine, she made her debut in the company in 1996 and won the aforementioned title two years later. Although she quit WWE in 1999, she returned in 2003. Her final match was in 2004 against Torrie Wilson.

Lesnar is her third husband. After the death of her first husband Wayne W. Richardson, she married Marc Mero in 1994. However, they went their separate ways in 2004. Soon after, she began dating Lesnar and eventually married him in 2006.

The fourth episode of WWE Ruthless Aggression, titled “The Next Big Thing,” is available to stream on Peacock.

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