Is Brock Davies Actually Worth $3 Million?

(Photo by River Callaway/Variety via Getty Images)
(Photo by River Callaway/Variety via Getty Images)
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Scheana Shay‘s husband, Brock Davies, left Australia to make a name for himself in professional rugby. I’m not sure why he left Oz since they are the number two team in the Southern Hemisphere, and the United States has only just begun to become interested in the sport. After moving to Colorado to try his hand at football, it became clear that becoming a pro wasn’t in the cards after a few NFL teams were less than impressed at tryouts.

The New Zealand native has never struck me as a money maker. During his premiere in Vanderpump Rules Season 9, Brock seemed to be mooching off his now wife, and it felt very much like he didn’t have any plans.

But recently, it’s been reported that Brock’s net worth is $3 million. I don’t see how, in such a short time, this man somehow amassed a fortune. Do you really believe Brock is worth millions? I don’t.

Child Support Issues

Vanderpump Rules viewers learned early on that Scheana’s new beau wasn’t exactly a family man. In fact, Brock had two children he claimed to have left behind in Australia in hopes of making a better life for them. However, it was revealed that the former rugby player actually stopped paying child support. It also didn’t help that he had a restraining order against him for domestic abuse.

Brock owed AUD 23,000 in payments, as he explained on the No Filter With Zack Peter podcast that the rest of the issues were late fees. In 2021, Brock revealed he needed to catch up on his child support. However, he is now caught up. If Brock had these extra funds, I question if he would be giving extra to his two older children as they are about to enter high school and college. But he hasn’t told fans if he will be doing that.

Brock, the Fitness Guru

Even though Brock co-founded his own fitness company, Homebody Live Fitness, I don’t think he has hit the $3 million mark just yet, despite the company being recently acquired. Lest we forget, when he first tried launching the app, he had the Vanderpump Rules crew give their free time to make the video with the hope they would re-post the app on their social media accounts.

Brock recently launched another fitness app, All Bodies, where the father of three also works as a trainer. How much does a personal trainer pay these days? Maybe I should look into it if Brock actually is a millionaire.

Brock has done an impressive job building his fitness brand, and it’s not hard to imagine him doing well financially. But $3 million? That seems a little exaggerated. The initial publication, Life & Style claims “multiple reports” confirm his $3 million net worth, but doesn’t name any reports. It’s possible that the “reports” came from one of those celebrity net worth websites, which are notoriously inaccurate.

Brock Rents

Currently, Brock and Scheana are living in a pretty swanky apartment in Marina Del Rey, which features a home gym and pool. But the couple rent and don’t own that property, which makes me think that Brock doesn’t have $3 million in his name. The rent is steep, with The U.S. Sun estimating they could be paying around $5,200 a month.

Scheana does own a home in Palm Springs, so it seems odd they wouldn’t buy in Los Angeles. I mean with Scheana’s added income, the couple should be Good as Gold when it comes to getting a mortgage. Yet here they are, choosing to throw money away on rent. It doesn’t make sense.

There’s Always a Chance

There is always a chance that the self-proclaimed Australian Aquaman does have the big bucks in his bank account. Even though I find it hard to believe, I guess he could have a few million dollars to his name. Friends of the Vanderpump Rules prominent cast members are said to earn around $10,000, but since Brock wasn’t always a favorite, he didn’t appear in every episode. If he is sitting on a golden egg, I am going to need receipts, proof, and a timeline.


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