Brittany Matthews And Patrick Mahomes Announce Birth Of Second Baby With Adorable Photo

Brittany Matthews and her Kansas City Chiefs quarterback husband, Patrick Mahomes, welcomed another baby into their home. The couple were high school sweethearts and started seeing each other as far back as 2011. They continued dating in college despite going to different Texas schools.

After years together, Matthews and Mahomes got engaged in September 2020 and announced they were expecting their first child, Sterling Skye. She was born in February 2021, and the couple tied the knot at a Hawaii wedding and spent their summer traveling with their child.

Matthews and Mahomes initially announced they were pregnant with another baby in May.

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Brittany Matthews And Patrick Mahomes Just Welcomed Another Baby

Brittany Matthews And Patrick Mahomes Announce Birth Of Second Baby With Adorable Photo

On November 28, Matthews and Mahomes announced that they had expanded their family of three. They shared a picture of the newborn in a onesie on a blanket that read "Mahomes." There was also a silver chain with the name "Bronze" engraved atop the blanket.

Via the Instagram post, the couple shared his name, his date of birth, and how much he weighed. The post's caption read, "Mahomes' Bronze' Lavon Mahomes III. 11/28/22 7lbs 8oz." A day earlier, the pregnant Matthews was seen supporting her husband at a game while the Kansas City Chiefs played against the Los Angeles Rams. Mahomes ended up winning the game with his teammates.

In the Instagram post, she revealed that she was there with her daughter Sterling; however, she didn't feel like taking pictures. "Sterling said no to photos today, but she's still cute, #gochiefs," Matthews wrote.

The Couple Announced The Pregnancy In May

Patrick and Brittany Mahomes Maternity Photoshoot

Matthews and Mahomes initially announced that they were expecting their second child in May in a joint Instagram post. They shared some pictures which featured them together, along with Sterling, their daughter, and an ultrasound image. The post was simply captioned, "Round 2!"

Sterling held a sign that read, "Big sister duties ... coming soon." The couple announced the baby's gender in June with a gender reveal video which showed them shooting blue water from squirt guns. The pregnancy news came two months after they tied the knot in Hawaii.

Matthews and Mahomes also celebrated Sterling's first birthday in February on social media this year. The pro soccer player posted at the time. "My Ster Girl is ONE! I can't believe it. YOU, my sweet girl, deserve the world!! Your Daddy & I love you more & more every day; we can not wait to see where this life takes you & all the things you will conquer!"

Patrick Mahomes And Brittany Matthews Started Dating In High School

Brittany Mahomes' post on her Instagram page

The couple started seeing each other while at Whitehouse High School in Texas. At the time, Matthews was a junior, while Mahomes was a sophomore. They split ways during college but continued dating, with Matthews going to The University of Texas at Tyler while Mahomes went to Texas Tech University.

During her time in the Texas college, Matthews played soccer and, towards the end of her career at UT Tyler, was signed on to play in Iceland's UMF Afturelding/Fram team for a brief period.

Although she does not play soccer professionally anymore, the mother of three still keeps fit and recently developed Brittany Lynne Fitness. Her new venture enabled the former athlete to build her social media to amass a massive following. Matthews is regularly seen on the sidelines, supporting Mahomes in his attempt to win another Super Bowl.

Patrick Mahomes Proposed To Britanny Matthews After Getting His Super Bowl Ring

Brittany Mahomes' post on her Instagram page

After his 2017 drafting by the Kansas City Chiefs, Mahomes was placed as the backup quarterback of Alex Smith for a child of his rookie year. In 2018 however, he was moved up to the starter and led the Chiefs to win the AFC Championship Game. He was dubbed the NFL MVP during his first full year as a starter.

A year after his successful start, Mahomes earned a massive win for the Chiefs, leading them to win their first Super Bowl since 1970, after which he signed a decade-long extension worth $477 million in 2020. That same year, Mahomes proposed to Brittany.

While talking about the proposal to KCSP 610 Sports Radio, the NFL player said it felt "nerve-wracking" despite how long they had been together. "Probably proposing, I would say," Mahomes said per People. "You don't think it's going to be nerve-racking when you've been with someone for so long, but before you get on that knee, man, your heart's racing. I promise you that."