Brittany Mahomes Criticized For Photos That Are 'Photoshopped To Death'

Brittany Mahomes at Netflix red carpet
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Brittany Mahomes, who was recently featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated, is now facing online hate after being accused of photoshopping her latest photos.

The 28-year-old rose to fame after her husband, NFL quarterback Patrick Mahomes, joined the Kansas City Chiefs. Within the past year, more fans got to know her as she became close friends with Taylor Swft, who is dating Patrick's teammate and close friend, Travis Kelce.

Brittany Mahomes Appears On Cover Of 'Sports Illustrated'

On February 8, 2024, the magazine announced that Brittany Mahomes would be a 2024 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model.

“I never in my wildest dreams thought this would happen,” the 28-year-old told the publication. “I’m so thankful and honored and so excited to be here with this team.”

“Be confident in who you are and be unapologetically yourself. People are going to love you or hate you, but finding your values and what makes you ‘you’ to be the best version of yourself is what really matters," she continued. "Whether that’s health and wellness, being a great wife or mom, or career goals, being the best version of you is the most important thing you can be.”

Months after appearing on the sports magazine cover, Brittany shared a series of photos. However, not all the comments were uplifting.

Brittany Mahomes Shares A Series Of New Photos

Britanny Mahomes poses in pink dress
Instagram | Brittany Mahomes

On Friday, May 10, Brittany Mahomes shared a photo dump of herself posing for the camera, and within two hours, she received nearly 20,000 likes.

In some of the photos, the blonde bombshell posed for a photo wearing a pink plaid dress, a pink belt, and a simple diamond necklace. In others, she wore a sequined pink crop top.

Regardless of her Barbie-looking outfits, some fans couldn't help but accuse the mom of two of using Photoshop.

Brittany Mahomes Accused Of Photoshopping Her Latest Post

Britanny Mahomes poses in pink dress
Instagram | Brittany Mahomes

On the post, which received nearly 200 comments, a handful of fans bashed Brittany for "using Photoshop."

"Photoshopped to DEATH," one user wrote, adding nine laughing emojis.

"Photoshopped to Hell and back, lol," another commented. "These are definitely Photoshopped," a third added.

"Talk about Photoshop," one user commented.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time the former soccer player has encountered online hate -- something she has addressed in the past. 

Fans Gush Over Brittany Mahomes: 'Never Misses'

Britanny Mahomes poses in pink dress
Instagram | Brittany Mahomes

Her post wasn't filled just with hateful comments as some gushed over how "gorgeous" and "pretty" Brittany Mahomes looks.

"Totally stunning," one of her followers said.

"Never misses," another commented.

"What a doll," a third expressed as one user wrote, "You’re such a beauty!!!"

Brittany Mahomes Becomes Certified Personal Trainer

Brittany Mahomes poses on the red carpet at 2023 ESPY Awards

After retiring from soccer, Brittany became a certified personal trainer and later launched her own online training program, Brittany Lynne Fitness, which provides exercise programs for people of all fitness levels.

Brittany Lynne Fitness was created "out of my love for fitness and how it makes me feel. My programs are guided workouts that can be completed by anyone," according to the former soccer player. "They include options for working out at home or in the gym, allowing you to choose where you feel comfortable and how to best accomplish the goals you set for yourself. For me, the gym is my safe place."

She added, "It’s the place where I can let go of everything around me and just focus on myself and making myself better."

Brittany Mahomes Talks About Fitness

Brittany Mahomes poses on the red carpet at 2023 ESPY Awards

Brittany continued to tell her fans that "staying positive and committed to my workouts can have a wide variety of benefits, from sleeping better and being less injury prone to experiencing a true feeling of wellbeing, both physically and mentally."

"Consistency is key," she added. "Don’t let anything get in your way! Don’t make excuses and don’t feel sorry for yourself! Go out and crush your goals without caring what anyone else thinks."

For those who are looking to start their fitness journey, Brittany suggests starting with HIIT with BRITT, which is "a full body workout guide that focuses on toning."

In total, there are 25 workouts included and the workouts can be done at home or in the gym. "You will need minimal equipment, such as dumbbells, resistance bands (short & long), and ankle weights. Set some goals and go crush it!" the 28-year-old continued.