Britt Baker: Saraya Ripped Me To Shreds And Made It Personal, And It Just Motivated Me

Britt Baker: Saraya Ripped Me To Shreds And Made It Personal, And It Just Motivated Me
Britt Baker: Saraya Ripped Me To Shreds And Made It Personal, And It Just Motivated Me
britt baker
britt baker

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The back-and-forth promo between Saraya and Britt Baker last week on AEW Dynamite made things personal for the former AEW Women’s World Champion.

Dr. Britt Baker was a guest on Busted Open Radio with Dave LaGreca, Tommy Dreamer, and Mickie James to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about her big match against Saraya this weekend at Full Gear, Baker admitted that Saraya made things personal with her comments on the microphone last week on AEW Dynamite.

“It is, and she made it personal to me because last week, I’m not sure where the narrative came along that I’ve not worked for anything, that I’ve been handed everything,” Britt Baker said. “I don’t know if that’s just like the cute new thing to say, which that’s fine because it’s not true, and I prove every opportunity that I’m given that I will rise above and make the best out of everything. But if you think back to year one. My matches, my promos, they weren’t good. They’re great now because I worked hard. It’s not because anything was handed to me. You can’t be handed talent. It doesn’t work like that. You can’t be handed hard work; you have to do the work.”

When asked if she felt disrespected by Saraya’a promo last week, Baker revealed that going into this match, the former Paige is one of her role models, which is why what she had to say made things so personal.

“I mean, you can walk in anywhere and say this is my house. That doesn’t mean it’s true,” Britt Baker said. “I mean, it’s a cute slogan for a catchphrase for a T-shirt. But when you say it to me in my ring in AEW, then it’s personal. Now it’s a personal argument that we’re about to have, and it’s just I’m not sure why she needed to sit there and tell me everything she’s been through because we’ve all been through stuff. I already respect Saraya.

“Saraya was one of my favorite wrestlers. She doesn’t need to tell me everything she’s done and what she’s gone through because I already know. That’s why I’m so looking forward to this match because this is a girl who was one of my role models. But then, when you tell me to my face that I don’t have what it takes to be a star. I mean, that’s something when someone you look up to tells you you don’t have what it takes to be a star that ignites a different kind of flame in you. And I’ve said 100 times this is now personal.

“That definitely motivated me because she ripped me apart. I mean, she literally ripped me to shreds, so I was kind of in shock for a second. It was very surreal hearing everything she was saying to me and even everything that she went through. It was very real and raw. Her digs at me aside like this girl is a real-life role model, everything she went through, everything she’s overcome, and now she’s standing in a ring wrestling against the top girl at AEW like hats off to her.

“But this is my house, and the fans know that they told you that this is my house. I think she has her hardcore group of fans. I mean, this girl is a star. There’s probably people that don’t even watch wrestling that watched her family’s movie that want to watch this match just because they’re a fan of her and the story. She’s a worldwide star, and I can’t take that away from her. Actually, I would like to be what she is one day, but when it comes to AEW, this is my house. You can’t come into my house and tell me that you laid the foundation down when you didn’t lay a single brick.”

Shifting to more out-of-character comments, Baker admitted that Saraya signing with All Elite Wrestling is huge for the company and believes that she’s the spark the women’s division needs right now.

“Yeah, this was huge. Huge for the women’s division,” Britt Baker said. “It just felt like it was the spark we needed right now. And everybody is so excited backstage to have Saraya, and it’s like you said, she just had such a different everything different vibe, different wrestling style, different personality. And you said it; she’s cleared. She’s 100% cleared. So that’s all I need to know there. I’m not holding back. There’s no limitations in this match. Everything is fair game if she’s cleared; she’s cleared. That’s all I need to hear. I don’t want to have everybody talk to me later this that oh Britt was unsafe. No, this girl is cleared people, just like Jamie Hayter’s cleared, just like Toni Storm’s cleared. She is cleared, period.”

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