Britney Spears Says She ‘Prays’ That Her Parents ‘Burn In Hell’


Singer Britney Spears has some harsh words for her father, Jamie Spears, and her mother, Lynne Spears.

On Sunday night, the "Oops!...I Did It Again" singer posted a scathing audio clip on Instagram with some harsh words for both of her parents.

Britney Spears Calls Out Parents In Scathing Audio Clip


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On Sunday night, Britney said that she decided to share something she never had before - that she had to go through three MRIs before being sent to "that place." She revealed that she had a cyst when she was younger, about eight years old, and that she was concerned that it might be cancerous, but doctors assured her that she was fine after an MRI.

During the conservatorship, she said that she had three MRIs and was stuck in the machine for an hour each time, which she said didn't "make sense" to her. At one point, she wondered if her family was hiding a "secret" from her that she had cancer and this was a new kind of cancer treatment.

She said she was "confused" and wanted to believe that because it made "more sense" but said "none of that was true" and she has to conclude that her family was just being "mean" and ended the audio clip saying, "I really felt like my dad was trying to kill me and I hope he burns in f---ing h---." She also assured her fans that she is "still alive" and "fine."

Lynne Spears and Britney Spears
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In the caption, Britney wrote, "Sorry I will never forget because of the pain and the difference in being out of my head clear moving my feet … its only been 10 months since the conservatorship has ended … I wouldn’t wish that kind of pain on anyone !!!"

"It’s extremely hard for me to accept the fact that my family did that to me … it will be hard for me for the rest of my life 😔 … as for my Mom and Dad who sat back and hid coffee from me at the house to wake me up from feeling dead and scared like an old lady … and threw me away … I will say it loud and proud … I pray you both burn in h---," she concluded.

Britney Follows Up Her Scathing Post With... Justin Bieber?


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No more than half an hour after her scathing post, Britney posted a video of her dancing in a tiny white top and black shorts. “Feeling myself with Justin Bieber … offended 🤷🏼‍♀️ ??? Don’t watch me 😝 !!!” she wrote in the caption.

The video follows several posts that Britney shared over the weekend, showing that she was having a great time, in spite of the pain she endured during her stifling 13-year conservatorship.

On Saturday night, she posted a video of her running into the ocean at a crowded beach. She jogs into the waves and sits down in the sand before lying down on her back and turning over. She’s wearing a bright blue bikini top and matching bottoms, keeping her blonde hair tied back in a messy bun.

“Queen of enjoying the ocean 😍,” one fan commented. “Putting herself FIRST!!!” another follower added. “Enjoy every moment Britney. You deserve it ❤️❤️❤️,” a third fan shared.

Britney Spears Says Posting On Instagram Helps With Her Confidence


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Over the weekend, the “Stronger” singer posted a video of herself on what looks to be a private plane. She’s wearing a floral red top and glasses as she sticks her tongue out for the camera.

In the caption, Britney wrote, “Me trying to be sexy and s--- feeling myself on gram … but d--- it actually helps with my confidence … but here’s me not on Instagram !!!!! 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 I’m so weird sorry 😜😜😜 !!!”

“We love quirky Britney 😍,” one fan commented as fans assured her that she was not weird. “I love you no matter what Queen💖💕👑,” another follower chimed in. “Being weird is being unique! You are unique Britney, in all the best ways! 💙,” another fan shared.

In another recent post, Britney danced around her private yacht in another colorful bikini. That video can be seen here.