Britney Spears' Reaction To Rihanna Performing Is Going Viral, And I Love This For Her

 Britney Spears on Jimmy Fallon and Rihanna on Graham Norton.
Britney Spears on Jimmy Fallon and Rihanna on Graham Norton.

Britney Spears seems to always be in the center of media attention. While her loyal fans want nothing more than to see the pop star living her best post-conservatorship life, much of the narrative lately has been about the drama that surrounds her — whether that’s rumors about marital issues with Sam Asghari or her contentious relationship with her family. That’s why it’s so nice anytime we get a glimpse of the “Toxic” singer enjoying her life, and it’s probably why her overjoyed reaction to seeing Rihanna on stage is going viral.

A short video of Britney Spears watching a performance by Rihanna has gone viral on Facebook, with fans unable to get over the look of sublime joy on her face as she watches the “Only Girl (In the World)” artist on stage. Check out her reaction below:

There is so much to love about this video. For one, to see a superstar like Britney Spears showing love for fellow icons like Rihanna is just always good to see. This clip comes from the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards (that white dress is just one of the iconic looks she wore to the VMAs over the years), so while Spears was still five years away from regaining control of her life, it’s nice to see her enjoying a fun night out with members of her entourage.

I can’t get over the “Baby One More Time” singer’s unabashed, open-mouth smile, as she sings along with Rihanna, her eyes following the “Umbrella” artist across the stage. At one point Spears’ head tilts in a way that makes me desperate to know what Ri-Ri was doing up there.

Britney Spears broke onto the music scene a few years before Rihanna, but the “Hold Me Closer” singer has long been a fan. People who follow Spears on Instagram even casually know how much she loves to show off her dance moves, and a few years ago, the Crossroads actress had some kind words about the singer, saying her music “makes me FEEL like I’ve never felt before” and proclaiming that “Never Ending” made her feel like she was flying:

The two artists have even collaborated in the past, with Britney Spears providing vocals on a remix of Rihanna’s “S&M” in 2011. The duo performed their song at the Billboard Music Awards that year, wearing handcuffs, dancing on poles and engaging in a tame pillow fight, so it definitely seems like Spears has more than one fun-filled memory where Rihanna is concerned.

The concert video is making the rounds on Facebook again amidst Britney Spears going off on the media for always being “cruel” to her. There’s been a lot of speculation surrounding her marriage just weeks ahead of her and Sam Asghari’s first anniversary, with one psychologist calling his social media activity a “bad omen.”

Hopefully someday soon we’ll get to read Britney Spears’ whole story in her words, as she’s penned a “brutally honest” memoir, but even that is in question, amid legal issues regarding her revelation of two supposed affairs with Hollywood A-listers. Hopefully that will get figured out quickly, and until then, we can bask in Britney’s totally relatable love of Rihanna.