Britney Spears: 'I Love Freedom, I Love Independence, I Don't Want To Be Tied Down'

Britney Spears is making it clear she isn't going to be tied down by anyone, and it seems she may be talking directly to those who are in charge of her life and have her under a conservatorship.

The pop star posted a video to Instagram over the weekend, where she describes reading a a new book about Astrology. Spear's posted the cover of the book, "Astrology For The Soul," but its the video that followed that has everyone talking.


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But, she then makes a statement that gets to the core of her current legal struggles.

"I love freedom, I love Independence, I don't like being tied down," Britney said confidently.

In the video, Britney reminds her fans she is a Sagittarius and is attracted to signs like Leo's.
As you know, Britney not only doesn't have much freedom, her father and other people in her life have even revoked her driving privileges at times. She is still under a conservatorship for most aspects in her life.

The FreeBritney movement members also jumped into the conversation posting positive messages like, "this is the moment we’ve been waiting for!"

But, lately Spears has stepped out on her own, even attending a red carpet to support her boyfriend who was winning a fitness award. Britney also traveled to Hawaii for a short vacation on her own.

The video, however, has also sparked new concerned for her well being. In the video, Britney seems very manic and is wearing eye make-up that has clearly not been maintain properly.

"What’s with the eye makeup," one concerned fan commented on the video.

The Spears family has had a rough time for the past few weeks, after her father Jaime was accused of abusing her eldest son Sean. Also, Jaime stepped down as her conservator following the allegations.

Reports followed that her mom Lynne, challenged Jaime as conservator, but the judge kept the current team in place.

Britney's father, and new conservator, seemed to know what is coming after they both filed paperwork to extend the conservatorship to several more states.