Britney Spears' Fans Slam Boyfriend Over First TV Interview, Claim He's 'Using' Her

Britney Spears' boyfriend probably didn't expect hate from her fans over his first TV interview, but that's exactly what happened after it aired.

Sam Asghari, who's been dating the Pop Princess for nearly three years, sat down with ET to promote his first movie, "Can You Keep a Secret?"

In the interview, which aired on Wednesday, he ended up talking about his relationship with Brit and now, The Britney Army is coming after him.


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Fans React:

Britney's fans are questioning his intensions with her, with some wondering if he's dating the "Toxic" singer just to further his career in Hollywood.

When Sam posted a snippet of his ET interview, fans ripped into him.

"What a surprise that @samasghari wants to become an actor. Maybe this is why he has stayed with Brittany [sic] so long, to help his career??" wrote one follower.

"I really hope he is not using Britney to benefit himself/his career," another replied. "Thats the feeling im getting."

More Reactions:

Others are just clowning his interview, saying the entertainment show only wanted to talk to him because they were hoping he'd dish on Britney.

"They had you on the show to talk about Britney lol. Don't get it twisted," wrote one person.

"Uh yeah...your "acting career" ....that's why they wanted to talk to you," added another follower.

The Interview:

Sam's interview consisted of questions regarding his relationship, as well as his upcoming movie.

He revealed it was Britney who handpicked him to appear as her love interest in "Slumber Party" and he also teased their future together.

Britney & Sam:

Britney and Sam were first linked at the end of 2016.

They've been inseparable ever since and made their red carpet debut together just months ago.

Sam has stood by Britney's side for several life events including when she was seeking treatment for her mental health, her conservatorship battle and, most recently, the alleged abuse allegations between her son and father.