Britney Spears Fans Accuse Her Of Wanting ‘Negative Attention’ On Instagram


Singer Britney Spears was pretty active on Instagram on Friday afternoon, sharing three different posts with her 42.1 million Instagram followers.

The first post was a painting of a yellow chicken standing upside down and staring down at the camera. Although Britney didn’t write anything in the caption, she didn't disable the comments as she usually does. Fans had no idea how long they would be on for and quickly took to the comments to give their opinions on her social media behavior!

Fans Are Actually Reminding Britney Spears To Turn Her Comments OFF!

Britney Spears Leaves Comments On September 15 2023
Instagram | Britney Spears


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Amid the messages of love and support, a few followers actually took a moment to remind her to disable the comments on her Instagram post. “Britney, you forgot to turn off the comments! I thought you don’t like them on,” one fan commented. “I think sometimes she leaves them on to see what people have to say,” another follower wrote.

“Girl, time to go turn off your comments,” another fan chimed in. “Hey, Brit! Happy Friday! Hope you are doing well! Love you,” another follower shared. “We love you so much, Britney!! Don’t ever forget it!!” another fan exclaimed. “What can we do to be good fans, Britney?” another follower asked. “Just preordered your book. I can’t wait to read your truth,” another fan chimed in, referring to her memoir, “The Woman In Me,” which hits bookshelves on October 24.

“You forgot to turn the comments off,” another follower wrote. “No, she didn't. She wants the negative attention. She's projecting her anger onto her fans now,” another user chimed in. Despite the plethora of positive comments on her post, there was also a lot of negativity surrounding her social media behavior.

“You have a realize that one of the reasons why people are always talking badly about you on Instagram is because you post photo shoots of yourself dancing with just your underwear and no pants. It makes you look mentally unstable,” one user commented. “Please keep your clothes on otherwise no normal person will have respect for you.”

Britney Spears ALSO Shared Throwback Photos Of Her Animal-Print Bodysuit Again

In addition to a black and white photo, the “Toxic” singer also shared an Instagram carousel that contained throwback photos of her wearing either an animal-print onesie or a tiny two-piece that showed plenty of skin. It looked like all of the photos were screenshots from her dancing videos, which some followers also took the time to criticize. “Literally what is wrong with dancing ??? she's been doing this kind of thing for like 20 years ... why is it suddenly different now ???” one user asked.

“Her body her choice. And if you look back at her tours most of them half naked clothes or very revealing clothes and dancing on stage,” another fan responded. “She has been doing the same thing for over 20 years but now is a problem because she is not making money or entertaining people and just having fun.”

“She definitely wasn’t doing that kind of dancing for 20 years. Her dancing used to be so good and talented... Now it’s a sloppy mess with crazy hand signals in front of her face and endless spinning,” another user wrote, which sparked a lengthy debate in the comments.

Not only did Britney come under fire for her social media behavior, but also her taste in men, as it was reported that the pop star had a brief fling with her former housekeeper, Paul Richard Soliz, who reportedly has a criminal past that includes multiple felonies.

The news of her “fling” comes shortly after 29-year-old actor Sam Asghari filed for divorce on August 16. The two had been dating since 2016 after meeting on the set of her “Slumber Party” music video in 2016. The former couple had tied the knot in the backyard of her Thousand Oaks estate in June 2022.

Britney Spears Dances and Spins In Brown Bra and Plunging Animal-Print Bodysuit
Instagram | Britney Spears

“If all this crazy sh*t you’re doing is for publicity for a major comeback then great, if not, then, girl get your shit together and stop dating these trash a** men. You’re a strong woman you don’t need a man,” another user wrote along with the hashtag #heal.

“She’s not trash. She just needs good people around her that are not trying to take advantage of her or her money,” another fan responded after one user commented, “Trash only dates trash.” Considering the negative comments, it seems like Britney might just decide to turn comments off any minute now!