Britney Spears Escapes To Mexico After Getting Pulled Over By Police

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Pop star Britney Spears is taking a break from L.A. and heading back to Mexico for another vacation.

After sharing a few videos that featured her driving around the streets of California, the "Toxic" singer took to Instagram late Friday night to talk about how she was pulled over after being cited numerous times last year.

Britney Spears Gets Pulled Over By Police After Sharing Driving Videos On Instagram

Only one day ago, the “Crossroads” actress shared footage that featured her driving in the car, along with a video of her dancing in her new studio. She posted another video of her driving earlier that day, but it has since been taken down.

“Crazy that my body looks a little nicer and smoother when I can have a spa day in my own home with glam, hair, and make-up 💄 !!! And unlike yesterday in my car, I was pulled over by a cop who had me in the car for an hour and a half before I left !!! AWWW !!!” she wrote in the caption of a separate Instagram post.

“After I danced my body for an hour with my new workout on this cool app program … I realized my breathing wasn’t right !!! It’s crazy because although bullying is at a high point in the world today for some reason he came over and apologized after threatening me for doing absolutely nothing wrong at at all !!!” she added.

“I’m sure I gave so many people a thrill to see Miss Britney look a mess and scared !!! I apologize for not posting the way I usually post this week … it’s down right hateful here !!! Off to Mexico 🇲🇽 … I send my love !!!” she concluded, later posting another Instagram video of a sunrise that many believed to be the view from the balcony of her hotel room. “God or science 🧪 ??? I’d like to believe too !!!” she wrote in this caption.

Britney Reflects On Bullying While Teaching Last November

Two days ago, the “Oops!... I Did It Again” singer recalled how she watched two girls get bullied when she was teaching a class. This happened only a few weeks after the release of her memoir, “The Woman In Me,” although the 42-year-old pop star did not disclose what kind of class she was teaching.

“Last year on a Sunday in November 🌷🌷🌹🤔🤔🤔🤓🤓 !!! I was teaching a class the other day and it’s really interesting to see the support of other girls when they are communicating !!!” she wrote in the caption. “Bullying these days isn’t so exposed or aggressive with girls, it’s extremely manipulative and just d--- right mean !!! In the class I was teaching, these two girls were side by side but one wasn’t so confident, and she was confused by the constant SUPPORT the other girl was giving !!!”

“The girl said ‘don’t worry you’re not the biggest one out here dancing’ and right as she said that, I could see the little girl’s mind go ‘I never thought that to begin with why did she just say that’ !!! I like to call it mean girl bullying … it’s when another girl says something out of support or something and you literally want to b---- slap them !!!” Britney continued.

“Ok so I guess that’s not the answer but I of course wanted to cry when I saw that little girl’s spirit get sad and I immediately got protective !!!” she explained. “So I put my phone up to the mirror and shot them dancing !!! I specifically brought it over to the little one who had been downplayed by the other girls and I made sure they saw how f---ing awesome she was !!! It made me so d--- happy to see her confidence get better and then I thought about it !!! She reminded me a lot of myself !!!”

“It’s not nice to be downplayed !!! I was open to the advice of others !!! I actually had a situation identical just two months ago with someone I don’t know that well and it hit me later because I was like … oh I’m so relatable I will just sit here and listen to this person’s bull---- I don’t even know !!!” she wrote, but it’s unclear who she was talking about here.

“And I did just that until I taught my class and was like … I know I’m a girl who used to be famous way back then and I know I make mistakes !!! I do Instagram out of protection honestly and I like wearing pretty dresses and getting my hair fixed !!! I’m not sure why I’m explaining myself … I guess I wish I could have been a mean girl back when she was giving me her advice and put my Instagram in her face and make things awkward !!!” she concluded. “There are 6 videos here which one is your favorite … straight up !!!”