Britney Spears Dropped A Throwback Sheer Nightgown Photo After Explaining What She Hates About Rich People’s Homes

 britney spears on x-factor
britney spears on x-factor
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Britney Spears has had a very active few days on social media. The beloved pop star first took to Instagram to discuss her thoughts on the lavish and over the top culture among rich people in Los Angeles. Then later, she threw it back to a video of herself dancing up the storm and to an older photo of herself in a sheer nightgown. She also talked about how excited she is to garden this summer and how much she hates cardio, which are two thoughts most of us can get behind.

The first post in question dropped on Sunday and featured a lot of thoughts from Britney about being rich in Los Angeles and how people choose to show that off. She said people feel like if they don’t throw a birthday party for their child with the whole cast of Disney World there, they feel like they’ve done something wrong. She said that same attitude extends to their houses, which often include pools connected to their kitchens and televisions that come out from pictures above the fireplace. That last feature she particularly hates, as she said it’s the “dumbest most unattractive thing” she’s ever seen. She doesn’t get why people are proud of it, as she’s been to many homes “considered the best” in Los Angeles, and she wasn’t impressed.

Spears, on the other hand, contrasted that approach from others in Los Angeles to her own life. Last year, she bought a “pretty” home to move into. She said most people would consider it to be “by far a more beautiful home.” Ultimately, however, she ended up moving right back to her old home because she likes what she likes. So, now she’s back in her old bedroom, which contrary to the wild conspiracy theories, explains why her backgrounds on social media posts were inconsistent for awhile. You can check out her full post below…

That was far from the only post Britney Spears dropped on Instagram though. She posted four more times on her main yesterday, and they covered a wide variety of different issues. First, she posted a cool photo of some colorful lips with a mini gardening can inside and talked about how much she’s pumped to garden this summer. Then, she posted a fun throwback dance video to remind herself to be active, which is funny given her next post was about how she doesn’t understand it when people say they like cardio. That’s the thing about cardio though, at least to me. It doesn’t feel like cardio if you’re enjoying the physical activity you’re doing. I’m sure how she feels about dancing is the same way many of us feel about a sport or certain exercise classes.

The final post in Spears’ recent social media activity is a throwback photo of her rocking a sheer nightgown. According to the caption, she feels on top of the world, and more than a hundred thousand fans who have already liked the post clearly agree. You can check the gorgeous look out below…

People always have a lot of thoughts about how Britney Spears uses her social media, but I like that she’s authentic and real and clearly controlling her own accounts. So much of what we often get from celebrities is carefully packaged and seems to have been coordinated with publicists. Spears just says and does what she wants, and that makes her a true original.