Britney Spears DELETES Cooking Video, Comments About Her Wedding


Oops... she did it again? Singer Britney Spears has posted and then subsequently deleted more videos from her Instagram account amid her divorce from Sam Asghari.

On Tuesday afternoon, the 41-year-old pop star seemed ready to defy reports that she required her manager and her lawyer to provide her with food by sharing a video that showed her preparing an omelet. She then took to Instagram later that night to share a photo of a crying kitten while talking about her wedding. Unfortunately, by Wednesday morning, both of those posts had been deleted.

Britney Spears Deletes The Video Of Her Cooking Amid Sam Asghari Divorce


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Although the video is now missing from Instagram, it has now been posted to X, formerly known as Twitter, by several fan accounts. Many fans felt that the video had been purposely made by the pop star to counter reports made earlier in the day that her lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, and her manager, Cade Hudson, are tending to her care amid the divorce. A source told TMZ that the two were in charge of her well-being now and had to help her stay fed, get to appointments, and manage career opportunities.

The same source noted that Britney’s behavior was “volatile,” but insisted that there were not being any changes made to her medical care or the frequency of her therapy appointments.

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Other fans pointed out that the video might have also been made to counter statements that have been made about the “Toxic” singer and knives. Sources told TMZ that the pop star had a “fascination with knives” and even kept them in her bedroom. One insider also told the outlet that she “was paranoid someone was going to get her, and she needed the knives as protection.”

That was followed up by reports from The Sun, which claimed that Britney has an “obsession” with knives. “She has a weird obsession with knives. She has been throwing them at the walls and hiding them down the sofa,” the source alleged. “It is as though she is paranoid someone is after her and she needs the knives as protection.”

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In her January 2022 memoir, “Things I Should Have Said,” Britney’s sister, Jamie Lynn Spears wrote that Britney could become “paranoid and erratic” and recalled an incident with a knife in 2004: “She said to me, ‘Baby, I’m scared’, and took a large knife from the kitchen, pulled me along to my room and she locked us both inside.”

At the time, the "Stronger" singer responded to her sister on Twitter. “Jamie Lynn … congrats babe!” she tweeted at the time. “You’ve stooped to a whole new level of LOW … I’ve never been around you ever with a knife or would I ever even think to do such !!!”

“The only knife I ever saw you with at home was cutting the biggest pieces of squash I ever saw in my life and it was too big for me to cut,” she continued. “So please please stop with these crazy lies for the Hollywood books !!!” Britney then called Jamie Lynn “scum,” adding, “I wish the almighty, Lord would come down and show this whole world that you’re lying and making money off of me !!!! You are scum, Jamie Lynn.”

Britney Spears Shares Then Deletes New Comments About Her Wedding To Sam Asghari

Britney Spears deleted post
Instagram | Britney Spears

On Tuesday night, Britney shared a photo of a cat looking like it was about to cry. The text over the photo reads, "I started thinking and then I started crying."

In the caption of this Instagram post, she wrote, "People online made up that my wedding was a birthday party so I will repost this child cooking again  !!! People love to laugh but what does she say LISTEN ... do you want me to do that to you ?????? Psss I just want to pick that little girl up and kiss her face ! She doesn't even budge ... she throws her hands up and looks at the stupid bowl !!! Psss I didn't even have a cake at my wedding !!!"

In the second slide, she shared a video of a girl who got upset when egg splashed on her face after it was cracked.

“This little girl is too adorable Omg Omg 🙈 !!!” Britney wrote in the caption of an Instagram post she shared on Monday. “Psss I want to pick her up and kiss her little face so fast !!!”