Britney Spears claims Jamie 'siphoned millions' from conservatorship, billed her estate his legal fees for his fight with her sons

Britney Spears is coming for her family at full throttle. The singer's attorney Mathew Rosengart filed documents ahead of Wednesday's conservatorship hearing claiming that her father/former conservator, Jamie Spears, and the lawyers involved took more than $36 million from the estate over the 13-year period. The Spears patriarch allegedly "siphoned millions" personally, billing things like his legal fees stemming from his 2019 physical altercation with her minor sons to Britney's estate. He also tried to pitch his own cooking show to networks, riding his famous daughter's coattails while she was stripped of her rights. Plus, Rosengart slapped the star's sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, with a cease and desist letter related to her memoir that the sisters have been very publicly fighting over.

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