British Tourists Could Face Fine Of Up To £640 For Peeing In Spanish Sea

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Image via PA
Image via PA

Beachgoers who answer the call of nature while having a swim could be handed a hefty fine following a new rule in Spain which bans “physiological evacuation on the beach or in the sea”.

The council of Vigo, in the northwestern region of Galicia, has introduced the new legislation in a bid to clean up its beaches as tourist figures continue to rise following the pandemic. Locals and tourists have already been warned of the serious consequences should nature call, which includes a hefty fine of up to £640 ($785).

Whilst there is no news on how exactly the new rule will be enforced, some have suggested beach staff might keep an eye out for anyone who goes into the water waist deep. More public facilities are also said to be introduced on beaches that surround the city to deter people from urinating in the water.

Additional new rules include fines for using soap in water on the beach, leaving rubbish on the sand and using barbecues, gas cylinders or other fire hazards, The Telegraph reports.

People playing ball or attempting to reserve a spot on the beach with a towel will also be charged under the new regulations, which are set to come into effect on July 18. But this isn’t the only Spanish region restricting beachgoers. For example, tourists and local residents caught walking around shirtless or in a bikini outside beach areas in Barcelona could face a fine of up to £260.