British college student shares her weirdest lessons from going to school in the U.S.

Alyssa Feary is originally from Brighton, England, but she goes to school at Georgia College & State University. That experience has taught her plenty of lessons, which she shared in a video on TikTok. Some of Feary’s “confusing” lessons are humorous, like how often Southerners say “y’all” and the fact that everyone goes on spring break in Florida “regardless of where you live”. The college student also explained some trouble she runs into with her accent. “I have to order in an American accent,” Feary explains. “When I want a water, I have to get a wattur because no one understands what I want”. Feary pointed out some more serious differences as well. For example, she seems to find it strange that Americans usually don’t take college classes in their major until their third year. TikTokers flocked to the video’s comments with questions and, in many cases, jokes about why Feary would want to leave the U.K. “No girl we don’t understand why you would want to come here,” one user wrote