Brigitte Nielsen says she would be infected with coronavirus for $4500

While the world tries its best to fight the recent coronavirus outbreak, model and actress Brigitte Nielsen says she’d be willing to get infected on purpose — for a price. Nielsen joined the panel of The Talk as a guest co-host on Tuesday and weighed in on the recent news that a medical testing company in London, Hvivo, is looking to pay volunteers around $4,500 to participate in a vaccine trial that would require them to be infected with a strain of coronavirus. “If I was in my 20s [and] feeling healthy I would definitely be a guinea pig,” said Nielsen. She continued, “In my 20s I could need the money and I feel like if you’ve gotta get infected, do it when you’re overlooked by doctors.” Panelist Marie Osmond echoed Nielsen’s sentiment. “I would have in my 20s,” she said. “I would do that just to help other people, I would.”