‘Bridges’ Nominated For NAACP Image Award, New Trailer Released

Photo Credit: Our Heroes Rock
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Fans have another chance to see what “Bridges” is all about.

“Bridges” is a new animated short film created by Ettore “Big E” Ewen, Andreas Hale and Jonathan Davenport. “Bridges” tells the story of Ruby Bridges, the first African-American child who integrated into a school on November 14, 1960, at the height of segregation in the South.

The short film premiered at Urbanworld Film Festival in New York City in November, and it will see a wider release on February 1. The new trailer for the film can be seen below:

Shortly after the trailer dropped, Big E announced that “Bridges” has also been nominated for a NAACP Image Award in the Outstanding Short Form (Animated) category. The 55th Annual NAACP Image Awards will air on Saturday, March 16 on BET and CBS.

Our Heroes Rock

Big E, Andreas Hale and Jonathan Davenport spoke with WrestleZone about the project’s origins and what they hope to achieve.

Our Heroes Rock is a hip-hop and science-fiction animation hybrid. The trio wants black children to not only learn about history, but they want to put a spotlight on Black heroes aren’t talked about as often, like Bridges and John Lewis.

The Our Heroes Rock team hopes to “create an entire series on our unsung heroes” and viewed “Bridges” as a pilot. Big E, Hale and Davenport agreed they want Our Heroes Rock to open the door to Black history and make it easier for people to learn about historical figures in the future.

Big E: “I think for us, we’ve talked about this being a series, mostly because there are so many stories beyond just Ruby Bridges. I think back to when I first had the conversation with Jonathan, and we were first talking about who we wanted to [include] because it started off as a ring gear concept, and it went from three, to six, to eleven, seventeen very quickly. It could have gone to fifty if we had room on the gear and there are so many of these stories, and that’s why we envision it being a series. I think there are so many ways to tell these stories and we don’t want this to feel pedantic and heavy-handed, we want this to be engaging and fun, and I think we can do that with letting each story breathe and finding ways to use elements of entertainment. Like I said, there are so many stories to tell and that’s why we want this to—it’s really a pilot to show what this can be and how we can breathe life into each one of these stories.”

Check out the full interview below:

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