'Bridgerton' Season Three, Part One Ending Explained: Do Colin and Penelope Get Married?

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Do [Spoiler] Get Married in Bridgerton S3, Part 1?Aiden Harmitt-Williams

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Major spoilers ahead for Bridgerton season three, part one. If you haven't watched through the end of episode four, turn back now!

Bridgerton season three, episode four gives fans the moment they have long been waiting for: Colin and Penelope together—in a carriage.

In the much-anticipated scene, Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton) confesses his feelings for Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan), telling her he hasn't been able to stop thinking about her, or the kiss they shared. "It is everything I have wanted to say to you for weeks, Pen," he says. She replies, "I'd very much like to be more than friends. So much more."

Then, they passionately kiss, to an instrumental cover of Pitbull's "Give Me Everything" by Archer Marsh. Showrunner Jess Brownell is the one who chose the tune. "I'm not someone who knows Pitbull's oeuvre very well, but when I heard the string version of this song, it had this powerful build that I think really speaks to the build that's happening in that scene." She adds, "It was just perfect! Never would I have thought that Pitbull was right for a super romantic moment, but it just really works."

When they arrive at the Bridgerton house, Colin jokes, "Could the carriage driver keep on driving?" They break into laughter, before Colin kisses Penelope again, and gets out of the carriage. "What are you doing? Colin?!" Penelope asks. He holds out his hand, saying to her, "You coming with me?" Confused, she replies, "What? Your family will see me." Colin then says, "For God's sake, Penelope Featherington, are you going to marry me or not?" And the episode ends on Penelope's face, smiling and surprised.

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This is a recreation of a beloved book scene from chapter 13 of Romancing Mister Bridgerton, but with a slight change—in the book, the carriage stops at the Featherington home first: "He hopped down from the carriage and held his hand out to her. 'You’re coming in as well?' she asked. He looked at her as if she’d suddenly gone daft. 'Of course.' She didn’t move, too perplexed by his actions to give her legs the orders to step down. There was certainly no reason he had to accompany her inside. Propriety didn't really demand it, and—'For God’s sake, Penelope,' he said, grabbing her hand and yanking her down. 'Are you going to marry me or not?'"

What happens next in Quinn's novel is that Penelope falls out of the carriage and expresses her surprise at Colin's proposal. He tells her, "I can assure you that I do not behave as I did with a woman of your background without rendering a marriage proposal." He soon tells her, "no time like the present!" regarding asking her mother for permission. (In the book, it's also the middle of the day, not the evening.) Colin then enters upon a Featherington family meeting, and loses his temper with Portia after she suggests he wants to marry Felicity (Penelope's younger sister, who doesn't exist in the TV show). Colin soon declares his intention to marry Penelope, and in the next chapter, readers learn that their wedding date is set for a month away.

So, fingers crossed, we'll see their wedding in part two of season three.

Bridgerton season three, part one is streaming now. Part two premieres on June 13, 2024. Watch on Netflix

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