Bridgerton 's Regé-Jean Page says he and Pheobe Dynevor had 'horrendous coffee breath' for their makeout scenes

Bridgerton 's Regé-Jean Page says he and Pheobe Dynevor had 'horrendous coffee breath' for their makeout scenes

No beans about it: Regé-Jean Page and Phoebe Dynevor like coffee so much that they created an entire agreement about being able to enjoy it while filming Netflix's Bridgerton together.

The actor, who starred as self-described "regency f---boy" Simon Basset in season 1, revealed that the pair's coffee pact allowed them to chug as many cups o' Joe as they'd like throughout the day — even before their makeout scenes — without having to worry about totally grossing each other out.

"That's what no one knows about Bridgerton," Page joked on Tuesday's episode of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. "Phoebe and I had horrendous coffee breath the whole way through."

According to Page, he and Dynevor had a discussion "early on" about what foods and drinks were off-limits if their characters, Simon and Daphne, were going to be locking lips later in the day.

"It's one of the things that you do: You approach your other actor and you go, 'Hey, so this scene's after lunch. What are our rules? Are we no onions? No garlic? Do I have to get the coffee in early?'" Page told host Stephen Colbert. "And then we both were like, 'Actually, I really like coffee, so I don't mind.'"

"It was like, thank God!" he said of their java pact. "So we had a coffee safe space the whole way through that show."

Dynevor previously shared her approval of their coffee consumption when asked how Page smells during a 2021 interview. "He smells really, really nice. He never, ever had bad breath, and he doesn't smoke or anything like that," she told Glamour. "We both drink a lot of coffee, so sometimes we both smell like that, which was fine."


LIAM DANIEL/NETFLIX Regé-Jean Page and Phoebe Dyvenor on 'Bridgerton'

While Page only starred on Bridgerton for its first season, Dynevor made several appearances as Daphne in season 2. However, in January, she announced that her character would not return for the series' upcoming third season.

Speaking with Colbert, Page said he thinks Bridgerton became such a phenomenon during the pandemic because of its imaginative world-building.

"The reason Bridgerton was such a sensation is that it was something that gave us, the community, communal escapism when we were all kind of trapped in our own little bubbles," he said. "And I think that's something that's very special."

Watch Page discuss Bridgerton — and reveal how Chris Pine really smells — in the clip above.

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