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Bride-to-be infuriates family members with ‘awkward’ wedding guest list update: ‘A recipe for disaster’

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A bride-to-be doesn’t want her father’s new girlfriend at the wedding.

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum for advice. She has never met her dad’s new girlfriend. But what she does know is that the girlfriend is only a year older than her. To avoid drama, she doesn’t want the girlfriend at her wedding. But her dad thinks she is being petty.

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“So I am marrying the love of my life, whom I’ve been with for seven years. The issue here is my parents,” she wrote. “My parents and got divorced three years ago. I want both at the wedding, and they were willing to play nice for me and not cause any drama.

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“But now my dad is insisting I invite his 32-year-old girlfriend, whom he has been dating a year. I am not comfortable with this, as it’s a small family event, and then there is the embarrassment my mum feels over him dating a woman only a year older than me. Frankly, I agree with her on this.”

As a solution, the bride-to-be doesn’t want to invite her dad’s girlfriend at all.

“I’m sure she’s a lovely woman, and I hold no personal grudge against her, but I just know inviting her is a recipe for disaster. It will be awkward for everyone,” she said.

“But my dad insists I’m being petty and caving to my mum’s whims in this matter. And that if I gave his girlfriend a chance, I’d really like her, and that it’s not fair. I’m excluding her. AITA for not wanting to invite her?”

Reddit users thought she was being fair with her request.

“Just tell your dad the truth: It’s only for people you’re close with,” someone wrote.

“Stand your ground,” another said.

“You are under no obligation to invite anyone who may cause unwanted drama,” a person commented.

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