Briana Culberson Shares a New Look at Her Serene Oklahoma Farm

After making 12 moves in the same amount of years, Briana Culberson couldn't have been more thrilled to settle down in her family's new Oklahoma home in 2023.

While the house has beautiful bedrooms and spacious bathrooms, it's the outdoor space that makes Briana, her husband, Ryan Culberson, and their four kids feel happily at home.

“We have lambs, and we have 20 chickens, and we have two farm dogs, and we’ve got a bunch of acreage,” Briana told The Daily Dish in July 2023. “Our kids work outside with the animals every day, and they’re riding bikes with the kids in the neighborhood. We walk our kids to school. So we just have a very simple, quiet, peaceful life. This should be our absolute forever home. We found a home that we just love, and we have a pool, and it’s just very safe, very peaceful.”

“It’s a lot of taking care of the animals, and it takes all day to mow the grass,” Vicki Gunvalson's daughter added at the time. “Our kids clean the pool. We’re teaching them a lot of chores and responsibility, but trying to keep things fun."

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Briana Culberson shares a video of her Oklahoma farm

More recently, Briana opened up about how the farm helped her get through a tough time.

"Had a really [sh-tty] day," she wrote in the caption of a January 30 Instagram video that showed several farm animals as well as glimpses of how the family enjoys their outdoor space. "Everything seemed to go wrong and I cried an embarrassingly ugly cry for a few solid hours. Ryan came into my office and told me drop everything and go outside. It was so nice outside all day and I had no clue."

Briana Culberson Opens Up About Her Family’s “Absolute Forever Home” in Oklahoma

"I spent a few hours outside with all the kids and our animals and it truly changed everything about how I was feeling both physically and emotionally," she continued. "Sometimes it’s a simple easy fix, and Mother Nature is the original medicine."

Watch the video above for more from Briana.