Brian McKnight Reveals He And His Wife Are Expecting Rainbow Baby

Brian McKnight has revealed that he and his wife Leilani McKnight are expecting. The singer shared the news on social media with a series of photos.

The first nine uploads come together on the 53-year-old’s Instagram to create one image of McKnight kissing his wife’s pregnant belly. Following the creative collage, the “Crazy Love” singer shared additional photos of himself and Mendoza.

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“We are ECSTATIC to finally announce BABY MCKNIGHT is coming soon!!!!!!!,” he shared in the caption on the three images. “To my beautiful wife you are my everything my hero my reason for living I’m so in love with you baby.”

Sharing the news on her own account, Mrs. McKnight slightly altered the heartwarming caption used on her husband’s posts.

“We are ECSTATIC to finally announce BABY MCKNIGHT is coming soon!!!!!!!,” she also began. “To my rock, the perfect husband and father …our baby is the most blessed child because you are his father. I’m forever in love with you Boopy.”

Skylar Diggins-Smith Wearing Black Dress Espys
Skylar Diggins-Smith Wearing Black Dress Espys

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The hashtags shared on the couple’s posts reveal the infant is a rainbow baby. The term rainbow baby is used for pregnancies after losing a baby due to miscarriage, infant loss, stillbirth, or neonatal death. In May, the McKnights shared a post revealing Leilani had lost their son Kekoa Matteo.

” I treasure this picture it was our last family picture before the birth of our son Kekoa Matteo,” read the caption on the touching post.

“Seeing an ultrasound for the first time, feeling Kekoa move and dance around as I touched your belly, holding your hand as you gave birth, seeing him take his first breath, cutting his umbilical cord, kissing him, singing to our son and ultimately seeing him take his last breath with him on your chest and both of you in my arms.”

When the tragic news was shared, gossip spread on social media regarding McKnight’s children prior to his marriage with Leilani. In the singer’s Instagram bio, he acknowledges he and Leilani’s children, writing “Father of Julia, Jack, and Kekoa Matteo.”

A tweet accused McKnight of abandoning his other children Briana, Niko, and Brian McKnight Jr. While he did not respond in the moment, a 2019 video resurfaced where he addressed the rumors about his family life.

“It’s crazy to me that people will just believe anything. It was important to let you guys know and set the record straight […] These kids are 30 and 27, not 12. It’s time for grown men to be grown men and I’m sorry that tough love happens to be this way, and I do wish them the best. As far as my daughter is concerned, she was apart of this family too with Jack, Julia, Leilani and myself,” he shared.

Watch the video below.

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