Brian McKnight Reflects On The Loss Of His Infant Son As Child Abandonment Rumors Surface

Brian McKnight’s personal life became Twitter discourse when it appeared that the father of six was only claiming the children he shares with his current wife, Leilani Mendoza. On Mother’s Day (May 8), the “Back At One” crooner shared a joint post with his wife that read, “Happy Mothers Day to my beautiful wife. I treasure this picture it was our last family picture before the birth of our son Kekoa Matteo. Baby, you are the greatest example of being a mother I’ve ever witnessed.”

The photo featured him cradling his wife’s pregnant belly as her older children, Julia and Jack stood beside them. The McKnights were expecting a son, Kekoa Matteo, who passed away. “Today was supposed to be Kekoa’s due date,” explained the singer. “And I know how hard him not being here in the flesh with us is weighing incredibly heavy on us, but I know he is with us just like Julia and Jack are , as shining examples of your exceptional motherhood. The strength I saw in you through the loss of our son and the courage to deal with the hardest loss we’ve ever dealt with in our lives has been truly remarkable. I am in awe.”

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He added, “For the very first time in my life I got to experience what it’s like to want to and plan to have a child made from love, and even though he was separated from us too soon I wouldn’t trade that gift you gave me for anything in the whole world. Our son will always be a part of us and live on in our hearts forever. I’ve never been prouder in my life than I am right now being the father to our three incredible children. It is your wonderful light that shines on us making us all better every day…”

However, some fans interpreted this as the “One Last Cry” singer “abandoning” his older children—Briana, Niko, and Brian McKnight Jr.

Though the crooner didn’t address the recent claims of child abandonment or neglect because he’s grieving, a 2019 video surfaced of him addressing similar rumors from years prior.

“It’s crazy to me that people will just believe anything. It was important to let you guys know and set the record straight […] These kids are 30 and 27, not 12. It’s time for grown men to be grown men and I’m sorry that tough love happens to be this way, and I do wish them the best. As far as my daughter is concerned, she was apart of this family too with Jack, Julia, Leilani and myself.”

The 52-year-old went on to explain that he received insight that his daughter was potentially sleeping with an older cousin over the age of 18. However, he shared that her mother, in turn, blocked his family on social media and estranged themselves from his family.

McKnight also added that his daughter’s mother claimed to have only had a child with him for money. Watch the full response from Brian McKnight on his older children from 2019 below.

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