Brian Kelley Doesn't Wear Clothes When He Makes Wife Brittney's Coffee: 'Naked Barista'

brian kelley credit MTV
brian kelley credit MTV

mtv Brian and Brittany Kelley

Brian Kelley is a barista that bares all when he makes a morning cup of joe.

On Thursday's episode of MTV's Cribs, Brittney Kelley, 32, revealed her husband and former Florida Georgia Line singer, 37, likes to serve up her morning coffee naked. The couple, who got married in December 2013, had no problem revealing embarrassing little details about one another while giving a tour of their Nashville home.

After a playful showing of their kitchen, clad in vertical wood paneling and decked out with two islands for plenty of prep space, the couple moved from their fully stocked fridge to their bountiful "butler's" pantry.

Before entering, Brittney joked, "I'm about to show you where the naked barista gets down."

Brian gave a quick, playful shrug to the camera as Brittney introduced their sage green "butler's" pantry.

"You're looking at the butler," Brian quickly replied before Brittney went on to tell all about the "naked barista."

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"He likes to put this little towel around him and make me coffee in the morning," she revealed while pointing to a thin tea towel hung up by the couple's coffee corner.

Brittney joked, "You want to do it now?" while playfully starting to unbutton her husband's beachy button down.

"He's not available today," the country music star quickly replied. "He's taking a sabbatical."

brian kelley credit MTV
brian kelley credit MTV

mtv Brittney and Brian Kelley

Brian was able to get back at Brittney for this embarrassing reveal during a tour of her closet when the musician asked about the contents of her boots.

"You naked barista-ed me, so I've got to boot you," the singer said.

Brittney then admitted that an attempt at ordering boot stuffers online went south, so instead she gets "real redneck" and stuffs t-shirts inside her boots. It wasn't long before a cheeky Brian admitted that he, too, "might have some t-shirts in [his] boots if you look close enough."

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brian kelley credit MTV
brian kelley credit MTV

mtv Brittney and Brian Kelley

Back in August 2021, Brittney answered fan questions on her Instagram story, including one inquiry asking whether the couple wants to have kids one day.

"If it's in God's plan we do," she wrote in response. "I've been off birth control for over 5 years and we are definitely practicing but not actively 'trying.' Not everyone is just able to get pregnant that easily!"

"I've been getting this question since the day we got married 8 years ago which shouldn't be the case. We shouldn't pressure women into answering because honestly WHO REALLY KNOWS other than God?" she said. "We feel at peace if kids aren't in the plan for us!"

She added: "We REALLY enjoy our life & being without kids right now! It's really freeing & fun being an adult & doing whatever you want in this chapter!"

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