Brian Eno Unveils Video For ‘Garden Of Stars’

Brian Eno has shared a new video for “Garden Of Stars,” produced by Eno and long-time collaborator and album artwork creator Nick Robertson.

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Appearing in the first half of Eno’s new album FOREVERANDEVERNOMORE, “Garden Of Stars” is among the most ominous from a record that explores Eno’s feelings about the climate emergency.

Of the video he says, “Imagine a being huge enough to have our universe as a plaything, and to watch in fascination as that universe is born, flourishes and finally snuffs itself out…or alternately divides into a million parallel selves.”

“‘The Garden Of Stars’ video imagines the creation of stars as occurring in a garden where exotic new cross breeds of flowers are created and populate the heavens,” says Robertson. “Each one a unique variation on a universal blueprint.”

A song-based album, FOREVERANDEVERNOMORE features Brian’s vocals on the majority of the 10 tracks.
“I started with all of these tracks creating a sonic world, making a world that seemed interesting to me and then I picked up a microphone and started singing, so there is no rhythm in most of the songs and very few chord changes,” said Eno in a conversation with Iggy Pop on BBC 6Music.

“I thought there should be other elements just like the wind and the rain so they (the vocals) are not synchronized necessarily, they just happen…most of the time it was a pretty straightforward and immediate approach to what happened when I plugged the mic in, I got a nice sound and suddenly I was a different person in a different place, thinking I’ll have an adventure.”

The record was made at his studios in West London and Norfolk. In addition to the artist’s daughter, Darla Eno, and niece, Cecily Eno, FOREVERANDEVERNOMORE features contributions from Leo Abrahams, Roger Eno, Peter Chilvers, Clodagh Simonds, and Jon Hopkins. Eno previously debuted the official videos for two tracks from the album, “We Let It In” and “There Were Bells.”


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