Brett Kavanaugh got into a college bar fight after seeing UB40

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh loves himself some beer — and red red wine.

While a student at Yale, Kavanaugh got into a bar fight with a patron he mistakenly believed to be UB40 singer Ali Campbell. The New York Times obtained a police report of the incident, which took place at a local Yale bar in 1985.

Chad Ludington, one of Kavanaugh’s college friends, told the New York Times that the altercation occurred after attending a UB40 concert. Kavanaugh mistakenly believed one of the bar’s patrons was UB40 singer Ali Campbell; after the patron asked Kavanaugh and his friends to stop looking at him, Kavanaugh allegedly threw a beer at him. A brawl between Kavanugh, his friends, and the Ali Campbell lookalike ensued.

Police questioned Kavanaugh and four other men, and Kavanaugh “did not want to say” whether he threw the beer. He was not arrested.

That red red wine will get you every time.