Bresha Webb And Husband, Nick Jones Jr., Expecting First Child Together

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Bresha Webb and her husband, Nick Jones Jr., are expecting their first child together.

When Webb, 39, made the discovery back in August, she was “super surprised.” After first freezing her eggs five years ago, she expected there’d be “a lot more planning involved” when it came time to expand her family.

The Run The World actress told PEOPLE, “I just knew we were going to make cocktails and watch movies all day and I was like, ‘I have this feeling and I feel like I need to take a test.’ I’m just a person that always has a Clearblue pregnancy test because you just never know. It came up pregnant and I was like, ‘Whoa. Wow.’ It’s a blessing. We’re so grateful.”

Webb noted that her “very sentimental” husband cried when they received the exciting news. “He was completely a ball of just emotions and super happy,” she recalled. Jones has a 7-year-old daughter from a previous relationship and the couple revealed how they told her about her new sibling.

“We gave her a gift and I got her a crown and I got her a shirt that says ‘I’m about to be a big sister’ and she totally got it. She really wants to be a big sister,” said Webb.

They intend to reveal their baby’s gender at an upcoming “wig gender reveal party.”

Of the event, the actress expressed, “I want to do a party because I’ve been in the house. So I want to celebrate and because I’m really goofy and I love to have fun and my friends do, too. I want everyone to wear a wig of the color of whatever they think the baby’s gender is, blue or pink. I’m really excited about that.”

She remains open about having a son or daughter and is only concerned that the baby is “happy and healthy.”

“I’m good either way,” the newlywed explained — she and Jones tied the knot back in February. “I would love a girl because I know that’s what my daughter would love. So I would love to have her have a sister, but I just want healthy and happy and a really great delivery.”

After losing her father about a year and a half ago, Webb feels this is his gift to her. “I really feel like he wants me to realize that life is so beautiful in every place in creating life, giving life, and I think the baby’s going to be like a guardian angel.”

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