Brendan From 'Bachelor in Paradise' Responds to NordicTrack Drama as the Company Gives Statement

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Brendan From 'Bachelor in Paradise' Responds to NordicTrack Drama as the Company Gives Statement

In case you missed yesterday's news, Brendan Morais has reportedly lost his sponsorship with NordicTrack thanks to continued backlash over his behavior on Bachelor in Paradise. Which, as a reminder, allegedly included coming onto BiP in a low-key relationship with Pieper James, using Natasha Parker for roses while he waited for Pieper to arrive, chatting about his followers, and being generally disrespectful of Natasha during their breakup.

In the wake of all this, The Sun reported that Brendan was dropped by NordicTrack—and Brendan has since talked to Us Weekly, saying that the sponsorship was never meant to be long term.

“While neither myself nor my manager have been in contact with NordicTrack regarding this matter, my partnership was never supposed to be long term,” he said. “I wish things had happened differently on the beach and I’m regretful about how I handled things with Natasha. With that being said, I completely understand companies need to consider reality TV edits in order to protect their brand, I just know there is more to me than what the audience gets to see for an hour once a week.”

A source then told Us Weekly that NordicTrack “has not expressed any concern over what’s been going on with Bachelor in Paradise” re: Brendan, and “this comes out of the blue to Brendan as he has not learned about the alleged firing nor has heard from NordicTrack these last few days. He finished the collaboration with NordicTrack a week or two ago and has only communicated with them regarding logistics.”

But get this: After publication of Us Weekly's article, NordicTrack reached out with a statement to the outlet, confirming that they have, in fact, dropped Brendan. “NordicTrack is no longer doing business with Brendan and any further business plans have been terminated,” a spokesperson said. “His behavior does not align with the brand’s values.”

Welp. Guess that's that!

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