These Breakfast Club Stars Are Having a Reunion in Season 2 of Single Drunk Female

Molly Ringwald wouldn't forget about the Brat Pack.

The Breakfast Club actress recently had a reunion with costar Ally Sheedy on the set of Freeform's Single Drunk Female. But it wasn't just a set visit for these two stars—Ringwald will be guest starring in a season two episode of the comedy, which follows Samantha Fink (Sofia Black-D'Elia), a 20-something alcoholic who's forced to move back in with overbearing mother Carol (Sheedy) in order to sober up and avoid jail time.

And, 37 years after the 1985 classic film, it seems like no time has passed at all for Ringwald and Sheedy, who played Claire and Allison, respectively.

"Acting with Ally Sheedy is like being with a member of my family," Ringwald told Entertainment Weekly Dec. 17. "We have so much history we barely need to even speak. The challenge is trying not to cry! Getting to be on set with her again was one of the best parts of my year."

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Sheedy added that, "Molly is such a meaningful friend to me and we've only grown closer over the years. I delight in her company so working on our episode together was a joy. And I think she's brilliant…so there's that! Very grateful for her work on our show."

Ringwald will be playing Carol's sister-in-law Alice who, according to EW, is Sam's "perfect" favorite aunt. Alice always knows how to do things just a bit better than Carol, which, of course, gets under Carol's skin.

But the rivalry doesn't continue off-set. On Dec. 4, Ringwald posted a sweet snap of her and Sheedy hugging at an end-of-year dinner.

"Early Christmas present-dinner," she captioned the pic. "With my psychic sister Ally."

Freeform has not yet released a premiere date for Single Drunk Female season two, but in the meantime, you can catch up on season one on Hulu.

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