Who Is Bre Tiesi? All About the New 'Selling Sunset' Cast Member

Bre Tiesi attends Abyss By Abby Launch at Beauty & Essex on September 04, 2019 in Los Angeles, California
Bre Tiesi attends Abyss By Abby Launch at Beauty & Essex on September 04, 2019 in Los Angeles, California

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Bre Tiesi has been making headlines in recent months, from welcoming her first child with Nick Cannon to being named one of the newest stars on season 6 of Selling Sunset.

A Los Angeles native, Tiesi began modeling as a teenager. She later appeared on television shows like WAGS and Cannon's Wild n' Out, as well as started her own YouTube channel and fitness course.

It wasn't until after her divorce from former NFL star Johnny Manziel that Tiesi began to transition her career from entertainment into real estate. Tiesi talked about her career shift during an interview with PEOPLE, explaining, "Right before the pandemic hit, I started going to my brokerage every day. I started taking it more seriously and tapping into my network, and that's when I started making some high-figure sales."

Despite joining the Selling Sunset cast after many friendships and relationships have already been established, Tiesi says she's not worried about fitting in, explaining, "I've just grown up in the industry. I'm a people person. I can fit in in any situation and I can be in any room. So I'm not intimidated at all. I think It'll be interesting to see who I gravitate towards."

"I definitely think I know where I'll fit in, but you never know," she added. "You'll have to tune in to see where I land."

From her start as a model to her two new roles as a mom and Selling Sunset star, here's everything to know about Bre Tiesi.

She became a model after high school

Bre Tiesi
Bre Tiesi

Bre Tiesi Instagram

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Tiesi got her start in modeling when she was a teenager. She told E! News in June 2022 that she "fell into modeling," explaining, "I had never in a million years even considered or thought about it. I actually started dating somebody and he was in the industry."

"He had a show at the time, him and his family, and I was 16, and his mom was like, 'You should model,' " she recalled. I was like, 'Oh, I don't know. I think I actually want to be a surgical technician.' And she's like, 'No! There's not enough money in that.' "

She is a real estate agent

Bre Tiesi
Bre Tiesi

Bre Tiesi Instagram

Prior to joining the Oppenheim Group, Tiesi was a real estate agent at Keller Williams Beverly Hills. She told PEOPLE exclusively in 2022 of her career change from modeling to realty, "I wanted to transition out of modeling and start setting myself up for a long-term career. I started taking it more seriously and tapping into my network, and that's when I started making some high-figure sales."

She added, "As amazing as modeling was as an industry for me, I was just kind of over it. You know, I'm 31 now. So I'm like, it's time to be a big girl!"

She is passionate about fitness

Bre Tiesi
Bre Tiesi

Bre Tiesi Instagram

Tiesi has had a long-standing passion for fitness. She told E! News that she inherited that passion from her family, explaining, "My dad was an MMA fighter and grew up in the gym and my mom is a nutritionist and has that whole side. That's just always been such a huge part of my life that I didn't even realize how lucky I was to grow up with."

In addition to her fitness show Elevate with Bre on OF.TV, she offers her own 12-week fitness program on her website, Body by Bre.

She's appeared on several TV shows

The former model is well-primed to star in another reality TV show. Over the years, she has appeared on several reality shows, including Love & Listings, WAGS and Wild n' Out.

"I had a bunch of friends and they were all going to Wild 'N Out to watch the show," she told E! News about how she got her start on the long-running VH1 comedy. "And Dave Osokow, we call him the celebrity babysitter. He's like everyone's best friend and I knew him from the club days. He was like, 'I want to introduce you to Nick and take you to the show.' I had never been to something like that and I went to the show that night and then met Nick. Maybe a year or so later, I started at Wild 'N Out, so I actually didn't start right away."

She was previously married to Johnny Manziel

After beginning their relationship in late 2016 and getting engaged the following spring, Tiesi and Manziel tied the knot in a private ceremony in a California courthouse in March 2018. A source told PEOPLE at the time that there were no guests invited aside from a few witnesses and that a party would likely be held at a later date.

The insider also credited Tiesi for helping Manziel during a rocky period of his life. They explained, "He's trying to get his life settled down. She's good for him and balances him, and he's crazy about her."

However, the couple split in March 2019 amid accusations that Manziel had cheated on Tiesi, and the former model filed for divorce that December. Their divorce was finalized in November 2021.

She shares one child with Nick Cannon

In July 2022, Tiesi welcomed her first child and Cannon's eighth, Legendary Love Cannon, via home birth.

Cannon announced that he and Tiesi were expecting a child in January 2022 on his talk show, The Nick Cannon Show. The real estate agent also confirmed the news on her Instagram the same day. The weekend before, they held a "gender reveal" party where it was shared that they were having a baby boy.

Throughout her pregnancy, Tiesi shared positive sentiments about Cannon, even telling the Daily Pop in March 2022 that she and Cannon "have a beautiful relationship [where] everything is so supportive and positive."

"Him and I have had our on-and-off for years," she added of their decade-long friendship. "And I just respect and love who he is so much as a person, that when I thought about, 'Do I want my son to be this person? Look at your characteristics, look at your personality, look at how you treat people.' "

On July 26, 2022, Tiesi shared the first photo of Legendary, posting a series of pictures of her son in an Instagram carousel. That same day, she dropped an 11-minute-long YouTube video detailing her birthing process, including her "pregnancy, natural induction, labor and delivery."

In September, Tiesi opened up about motherhood on Instagram, which prompted a fan to suggest that Cannon should pay for a night nurse. The next day, the realtor followed up in another Instagram Story, writing, "Nick is NOT my sugar daddy. Nick is MY F---IN CHILDS FATHER THAT IS ALL."

She will be on season 6 of Selling Sunset

On Aug. 4, 2022, it was announced that Selling Sunset was getting two new agents just weeks before cast member Christine Quinn confirmed she would not be returning for season 6. Tiesi will be joining the season along with longtime Oppenheim Group member Nicole Young.

"I'm a whole personality," Tiesi told PEOPLE of what fans can expect from her this season. "For anyone that's followed me, they know I'm a hate it or love it kind of gal. I'm definitely bringing my full personality. It's gonna be a whole show, from fashion to drama."

As for whether her son will be part of the upcoming season, that will require a conversation between Tiesi and Cannon. She explained to PEOPLE, "I'm not going to necessarily hide [Legendary] from anything. It is what it is between his dad and I. He's still obviously so little, so I will protect him from the majority of it for a little while."

She continues to celebrate Nick Cannon

On Cannon's 42nd birthday, Tiesi posted on Instagram to celebrate her son's father.

"I know you hate your birthday, BUT ledge and I are going to celebrate you every year forever. Happy birthday to the most beautiful soul we know. Thank you for the best thing that's ever happened to me. we love you. Cheers to a lifetime of love and memories I got you for life 💙♾ 🔥," she captioned two cute images of her, Cannon and baby Legendary.