Braun Strowman: Bray Wyatt Was A Selfless Guy, He Paid My Food And Travel For A Month

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Former WWE Universal Champion Braun Strowman made his way to the main roster as part of the Wyatt Family. He recently opened up about his friend and mentor the late Bray Wyatt.

During his recent visit to India, Braun Strowman was interviewed by Ranveer from the Beer Bisceps YouTube channel on The Ranveer Show. While speaking on the episode, Strowman opened up about Bray Wyatt.

The Monster Among Men shared that Wyatt was a great human being and that both of them spent more time together than they spent with their own families.

“Everything. Just Everything. Everything about him [is great]. He’s great. How he was with people [that’s what stuck with him as a friend]. He never met a stranger, he was kind to everyone, he was a family man. More so what people saw on the screen. It was what I saw behind the scenes. Because we spent… Well we spent more time together than we do with our own families. So just being able to learn from that man and him like… I didn’t have… When I moved to Florida and started wrestling for WWE, I made more money than I ever made in my life.”

Strowman also mentioned that Wyatt paid for everything for him during his very first month in the main roster.

“But it was a totally different standard of living. So living with a one-bedroom apartment with a car with insurance and all this stuff, I’m living still barely surviving week to week. And when I got called up on the main roster, I didn’t have enough money to pay for my hotel rooms when we went on the road. So for the first month, Bray paid for everything for me. He bought me food, he paid for my hotel rooms, all that stuff. And then I drove him around everywhere and I learned from him. And it’s just like the same thing.

“If there’s self-made, I don’t believe in that. Because then again, another person that reached out their hand to help me get ahead in life. And especially in like a… That industry here everybody’s fighting for that spot, he didn’t have to do that. Yes [a selfless guy]. He was the brotherest of brothers,” Braun Strowman said.

Braun Strowman praises Bray Wyatt’s character in WWE

During the same interview, Strowman revealed that Wyatt had one of the greatest minds. He knew how to connect with the audience.

“Just his mind [was his greatness]. To see him go in and out of these characters on the microphone, changing his verb, his facial expressions. What he was just, oh man, it was, it was just unreal. The stuff that we would talk about and just his, the way he ticked. He just was different in the most amazing, special ways.

“He knew his character, he knew his craft. And he knew how to connect with the audience. With every different character that he went through with the puppets, with everything, he found a way to connect with the audience. And it spoke volumes for you. I was yeah, I wrestled the guy, together, with, against, everything else. And look, every hair is standing thinking about that because, he was special.”

What was your most memorable moment involving Bray Wyatt?

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